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Hi there

My 5 year old daughter isnt 6 until September...BUT she is convinced she is having a slumber party....a sleep over at 6!!! I feel this is too young..what do you all think? I don't want to disappoint her...but I really think she is too young. i have suggested a late afternnon / evening party where they can have dance music, paint nails, do hair and make up etc which is what she wants to do....why is she growing up so fast - what ever happened to pass the parcel and musical chairs???
Suggestions / opinions appreciated...
Yes it is sad when they want to grow up too quickly! My DD is only 4 and wanting to the 'sleep over' thing so she is having her first sleep over in the school holidays...anyways I dont think she is too young maybe onyl 2 or 3 friends will be plenty and all sleep in the lounge room, maybe...Then they can do the paint nails and so on...

I prolly havent helped but good luck if you do...

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hi, it really is up to you, however my dd #1 who is now 8 has been having sleep overs since prep.....only one other child until last year where they all had sleep overs for their birthdays(except dd coz she was with her 'so called' father) they only had 3 or four girls, they had pizza, watched movies and made a mess(like they do hehe), but as long as you are comfortable with the other kids parents(we are all good friends with our kids friends parents)and they are comfortable with you etc, and your willing to put up with whispers in the night etc they have a great time. but like i said it is entirely your decision in the end, good luck, hope i've helped some, cheers cat
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