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Hey ladies, and daddies,

My little one turns one in June and I want to start organising her party. I need ideas. I was thinking a park where we could have a BBQ, sit under a tree etc. I want to keep costs down since we aren't in a good financial situation right now but I feel like I need to do something without letting the day just pass by. My house is tiny, not well built and not laid out well for entertaining as much as I'd love to just have it at home. Does anyone know of venues that are free that are appropriate? I live brisbane north side so somewhere close by would be nice. TIA.
Im not sure where about on the north side you are, but here are some parks in the Moreton Bay area.

Pelican park has a BBQ area with covered over play area & eating gazebos. I would suspect it wont be to busy in June due to winter but very lovely during the day over looking the beach.

Suttons Beach has an awesome park for the children & lots of BBQs but tend to be taken quite quickly on the weekends.

Scarborough Beach park has a fenced playground, shelters, bbqs, nice view of the ocean & suits toddlers & bigger kids.

Jamieson Park at Scarborough & also one across from Morgans Seafood at Scarborough are also great. They all have bbqs and play areas.

Hope this helps.
We had dds at Northpine dam smile it's beautiful there!!
Suttons Beach would be a great venue. What I love about that place is that they have a great place for BBQ as well as playing ground that children will love. You just have to watch your children closely though because the place is wide.
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