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Gift Ideas for 4 yr old boy Lock Rss

Hi Girlies,

Wondering if you can help me out.

My cousins son is turning 4 this week.
Whats a good birthday gift for a 4 year old boy??

Any suggestions welcome - loves cars.

Hey natalie

I dont know if you can get them up there but try target any way. My son has a huge race car he is only 13 months old. He got it for his first birthday and it is big enough for him to sit on even though he is not meant to. how bout a remote controlled car it may sound a bit old for him but my daughter and one of my nephews got one each for their fourth birthdays and it took a little while for them to learn how to use the remote but now that they have the hang of it it is hard to get them to put them away. Hope these ideas help. Kids are so hard to buy for especially with so much to choose from. Good luck

Yasmine 6, Edward 2, Jacob 5 months

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