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July 2005 babies have you started plannign there b days yet? Lock Rss

hay there just wondering if there are any July 2005 bubbas and if you ahev started planning for there b day yet? i have already got presents stashed away to the point where i forget what i have and buy more woops.
Also she is not realy into anything at the moment as she is too little so what do you do for the party?

Alison 27yr NSW - Ella 4yr, Kylan 18mths, one in t


My little girl was born on the 2nd July 2005. We are going to have a birthady party for her with family & some of our close friends.

It is so hard for me to believe that she is nearly one. Because she was 3mths early we take her development off her due date so even though she will be 1 she will be only at the stage of a 9mth old. Its a bit strange when we think of it like that.

She wont be able to have any cake on her birthday so on the 2nd October we are going to have another cake for her then (this was her due date). By this time she will be able to have a little bit.

I havent even started shopping for her birthday yet. I want to buy my little angel a glod bangle, something she can keep & pass onto her kids.


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