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Today I Bought..... Lock Rss

Let us share our love of shopping! What did you buy today?

I'll start:
Baby sleeping bag thingy
Facecloths (baby snuggles with one at night)
Pretty container for my laundry pwd - and why not?
A compost bin - I've had it with the insinkerator
Dog food
Chicken breast for dinner (better get cooking look at the time!)
Sweet Potatoe for bubs - started solids

How boring is my life!

hi should have started this topic last week.i have gone mad on buying winter clothes for my 22mth.this winter theres no crawling so the clothes are going to be beautiful.

chris wa 1yr, 2yrs 14 yr

OK magazine oh and bananas for bub


Nappies,food and magazines.
Milk,Coke and weetbix

Nappie wipes
Pooh Bear Glow Warm
Spider Toy
Ham,cheese and lettuce roll
Pepsi max
Choclate milk
Food for dinner
Contact paper, Stickers, milk

Hotcakes from mcdonalds for brekkie
Fruit fizzers

DS1 2006 - DS2 2008

Hot cross buns, Milk and parenting mag

Bread and cold meat

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