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What was your weirdess craving Lock Rss

Mine was wagon wheels (which now I living to regret since my baby is six months and I am still up 2 dress sizes.) Which is not really weird but would love to hear some good ones.

Sam Qld,

yum! chocolate! I craved peppermint crips...

Mary Annalee & Daniella Jane are so cute!

My weirdest craving was pineapple juice!!! I would drink a 2 litre bottle every day during the last 2 months! Now I don't want to touch another bottle of it again!!! In the early stages I craved potato and red meat.
Anything sweet!! Ice cream, chocolate, cakes, lollies, soft name it!!

I only put on 12kg's and lost it all 6 weeks after.

Emily 25/10/05

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