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Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone knows of any shops in Melbourne that have new vinyl seat covers for the prima pappa highchairs.
I bought one secondhand and the cover is quite crappy.
Any suggestions would be appreicated.

Rebecca, VIC 4mth old twins

Hi Rebecca,

You could try your local baby shop that sells them. If they are helpful they will get in touch with the warehouse and may be able to get one in for you.


I did the exact same thing!

I went to Babyco and got a cover that fits all high chairs by the brand name "Swallow" and it works perfectly. I think it was around $25-$30?

Good Luck!

Angela, Sydney, Lucy born 06/09/03

Hi Rebecca!
Unfortuntely I can't help you on where to buy a new cover from but can I suggest when you do go to buy one & if there is anything apart from vinyl give it a go.When I originally saw it I thought vinyl easy cleaning!If you have the same model as me I found myself spending alot more time unscrewing the harness, removing cover, scrubbing it as everything found it's way into any little gap possible & that was with having the cover ON!From my own experience with the cover (cleaning wise) with the money you'd use to purchase it go & treat yourself because it makes the highchair look great but thats about all!
Have a very merry xmas!
Hi Rebecca

I did what someone else mentioned too.

I found that the Swallow brand of cover fits the best for PP highchair and I bought it from Babyco in Melbourne too. It was $25. They're not vinyl though. It's actually the cloth type.

True, they're not easy to clean but it's totally machine washable and I only wash if they are absolutely filthy and they are also easily removed as there are no screws to remove.

I do recommend you to pick the darker print so it hides more of the dirt and grime.


Pat, Vic, Toddler

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