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I am just wondering if anyone has had problems with their littlies getting out of the standard seatbelt when in a booster? We have to look at getting a new carseat soon so our youngest can move into the carseat our eldest is currently using. I need to know if a booster will do the job, or if I would be better getting something like the Maxi-rider. Price-wise I have to say I like the boosters.

Thanks in advance

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

Hi Sable

I will be moving my little girl into a booster seat soon too. I decided on buying the Maxi-Rider, mainly because I like the safety of it. It is a personal decision. I put the booster seat on layby at our babyworld store who have 4 months laybys, so time I have paid for it, she will be ready to move into it.

Rachel, TAS (Paige 21/6/02)

I bought the maxi rider and highly recommend it. Price wise it is alot more expensive but safety wise it is worth it, my son would just climb out of a booster seat, the five point harness helps to keep him secure. I have had it for 4 months now and know that I will be using it for at least another 3/4 years, as it can be uses as a booster seat with the car seat belt when he is older. Put it on layby and it will spread the expense..hope that helps.

qld,3yr old boy

We bought our oldest one of those half booster seats, you know the ones where it's just the bit they sit on with the arms to put the seatbelt through. Well he was fine in this but my husband thought that it wasn't safe enough, so we went to toys r us and bought a harnes. it attaches to the anchor point that you use for baby seats and goes over their head and the seatbelt goes over their lap and throught the harness. I hope that makes sense. It cost around $30 and when it comes time for our yougest to move to a booster then we will be getting another for him.
Hi all,

I have bought the maxi rider as well as Ashlyn was too tall for her car seat but not heavy enough for a booster seat. I bought the maxi rider as I would have had to buy a bigger 0-4 seat and then a booster seat which works out about the same price. Some baby shops offer private health insurance discounts. They do in WA at Baby on A Budget (HBF) hope this helps
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