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How long do you use a baby car seat Lock Rss

Hello, We are looking at buying another car and have realised it would be best to have 2 car seats. Our son is nearly 14 months and quite a large boy in height. He is around the 13 kilos. We would like to know if we are wasting our money in getting another baby car seat as we are not sure how long he will be in it. His head will still come forward when he sleeps in his current chair but not very often. Are we better off getting a really good booster seat? I would love to know how long does a baby roughly stays in a baby seat. When did you other Mums make the move? Also does anyone know when your child can actually use a pillow. Does anyone know what the SIDS people say?
Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
they say that a booster seat can be used when a child is over 13 or 14 kg. I was lucky as when I had my second, the first one wasn't big enough for a booster but my mother let me borrow the one that she bought. I moved my eldest to a booster seat a few months ago, I think it was about 6 months, and he seems to like it, but my husband didn't think that he would be secure enough so we purchased a harness that can be used with booster seats, we bought it from toys-r-us for around $30.

I know that you use to be able to buy junior pillows that were made by tontine, but I haven't seen them around for many months now. but I think that the label said form 3-5 yrs, however, our son has had a pillow from around 12 months old. He kept waking of a night time and was very restless, my husband thought that it could have been because their ears were getting squashed and they were uncomfortable, so we went to the shops and bought the junior pillow and that fixed all our problems.
Hi Debbs, Thank you very much for your reply!! As you can tell I have no idea what I am doing and just "winging it" as I go along. I saw a really big booster seat at Target the other day. It was sort of like a baby seat but not as secure looking. I might go back and look into that. I didnt know about the booster seat harness. As you know car seats are not the cheapest things and I dont want to buy another one for only a month or so to then have to buy a booster seat anyway.
Thanks for the help on the pillow. Our son sleeps with us in the mornings from around 5.00am. He either sleeps with his head on my pillow with me or on my arm. I was thinking it must have been around time for him to have his own. I really appreciate your help!
Thank you!!

Regards buying another car seat have you looked at the new maxi rider by safe and sound it starts out as a baby seat then when the child is old or big enough it converts in to a booster seat. Not sure how much they cost but i saw them in Baby Co when i was buying my babys car seat.

Regards the pillow i found a junnior pillow for daugter when she was twelve months old in grace brothers and target in the nursery section they are not qiuite as big as ours. - i saw then there the other day again- not sure on the brand.

Kelly, ACT, 2year old and 6 month old

sids people say12 moths or older kids need to be in a car seat untill they are 18 kilos people i know have been fined for not having the kids in the righ car seat you can also ring the rta for more info about carseats

mum to 3

Hi Janeen, in regards to the pillow situation, Joshua has also been ending up in our bed at night and the moment his head hits the pillow or my arm he is asleep. Monday night we decided to try a pillow in his cot. We were a bit concerned and kept checking him he hasn't had problem and tends to stay asleep in the one spot all night where as previously y he was all over the cot including ending up with his head at the opposite end. So far he has slept through every night and we haven’t come across any problems. We still check him before we go to bed and I check him in the early hours of the morning. We didn't buy a toddler pillow but gave him Daddy's pillow as it is extremely thin. Now Daddy is finding it hard to get used to his new pillow but that is another story.

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

Hi calebsmum

My son is 16kgs and we still have him in a car seat - he seems comfotable. I am not so worried about changing it anymore as a friend of mines daughter is just over 3 and 18kgs and is still in one.

Also, pillows - Daniel has been sleeping with one under his mattress since probably 4 months ( as he had reflux) and then since at least 12 months - he is nearly 3 now and when he get a cold or cough, I stack 2 pillows so he can get some relief. If he doesnt want them, he moves them. I also found he started sleeping better at night with a pillow

Good luck

Louise, Vic, mum of Daniel almost 3yrs

I have a 2 yr and 5mth old baby I brought a maxi rider they are great they cost around $270 so they're not cheap but they're suitable from 6mths to 7yrs( but I'm not sure a 7 yr old would sit in one). My son loves sitting in it as he thinks he's in a big seat.
Good Luck
You should use a car seat until at least 3, depending on weight. For an extra car seat the basic Safe and Sound one is great and you can often pick it up for under $100. Go to K-Mart when they have 15% off everything. It doesn't recline but it is safe (this and the Safe and Sound Cosi which costs a little more but is bigger and has a great recline were rated as the safest seats in the Choice magazine tests). Try to keep him in a car seat as long as possible for his safety, it's worth it.

Lucy's Mum

Don't know if this is relevant now, but ......

The RTA says that you must have your baby in an Australian Standard car seat until they are at least one year old. Even though this is not best practice (can u imagine a one year old sitting on the back seat?!?) there is no fine for leaving a one year old in the back seat with a seat belt on. The car seats are designed to hold babies up to 18 kgs (or until comfortable depending on the baby's size)

When you think about it, a baby is most safe sitting in the car seat rather than the booster or just the back seat itself, but if he's not comfortable in it, move over to the booster seat. Also, the booster seats with the back and sides are better than the ones with just the seat.

Hope this helps!

Jubs_n_Tia, 24, NSW, boy 06/11/99 + girl 15/05/02

we hve a safe and sound maxi rider it lasts up to 26 kgs or 6 years old my nphew sometimes still sits in his baby seat he will be 5 in july but usulally uses a booster

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

my daughter is 13 months old and is almost 11 kgs (she is very tall) and i have trouble getting her to sit properly in her car seat i bought it wen i was pregnant for about $500 (safe and sound 'meridian') and because it cost so much i want to get my moneys worth. my mum said to wait till she is three for a booster but i dont think she is going to hold out that long because she is tall she prob wont fit it then. is she to little for a booster seat?


DD may 03, DS oct 06

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