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I am running out of options on how to find out where the Fred Bare 'warehouse' or similar, is in Melbourne.
Does anyone know where you can buy Fred Bare clothes in melbourne that are last years stock???
I have been trying on Ebay for two particular items but keep missing out by about $1 each time!!!
We are going to Melb at the end of the year.
Thanks to anyone if you can help me!
Hi Sue,

I am not sure of anywhere in Melbourne where this is a fred bare warehouse or similiar. I do know of an internet site who sell fred bare clothing, but is may not be cheap.

I just assumed you could buy fred bare from Myers and David Jones. They sometime have items on special.

The website is

Thanks Sal. I'll try that site. The dress I want retailed for $69.95 and on Ebay they are brand new with the tags for about $40.00.
Hi Sue,

I am a ebay queen and it is fantastic for buying expensive items at a reasonable price.

My advice for ebay users bidding, bid at the last minute you max bid and most of the time you will get the item.

I get the item I am bidding for 95% of the time and for the price I am willing to pay.

David Jones has a sale on Fred Bare clothes at the moment, not sure if you are located near one.

try the ebay forums... i seem to remember a thread about this ages ago and people saying the FB warehouse is a myth... if you find it let us know!! smile

mumto3, Qld, 3, 2 & newborn

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