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RE; how do u make changes when u r expecting ur 2 Lock Rss

i need some advise on how to keep my daughter happy when i bring home the new bubs in september this year?


Hi Anita,
What date in sept are you due? I am due on the 2nd, and my daughter will be just over 2.5yo then. She seems to be interested in the new baby when we talk about them, but I do also wonder how she will cope when the time comes. She is pretty good at playing by herself, and would happily watch tv/dvds all day if we let her, so we may have to use that in the early days!! Your daughter will be about 18 months when the baby is born? I'm not sure what stategies you can use, I suppose it depends on the type of child she is. But I think we both have to expect there to be jealosy to some degree.

Sue, 2yo & Due Sept

Hi Anita,
I noticed your post was from a little while ago but I just thought I'd let you know a couple of the things that helped me (although my #1 was 21 months old).

We bought her one of those "magna-Doodle" things (which she was given when she came in to hospital to visit). It kept her very amused whilst every one else fussed over the new-born. It also helps if they have a baby of their own (unfortunately the expensive chou-chou etc. brands are the best).

As for any other tips I'm afraid you just have to take each day as it comes. One minute they can be sooo loving and gentle with the LO, the next (can be a split second) they are shoving something in their mouth or hitting them!!!

It deffinately makes you realise how resilient the little ones are.

We didn't have a play pen but set up the port-a-cot in the lounge for the new-born (this doesn't account for the toys that can be thrown in!! With amazing aim I might add!)

Unfortunately the TV is very effective too (regardless of how much you'd like to think you wont have to resort to it!!)

Lastly, you will become a master of multi tasking, feeding and reading a story at the same time (just pray you can breast feed as it leaves one hand free!!)

I always made sure that I tell the baby to wait as well as the toddler. I always have the tv remote with me when I feed for the distraction. umm --I struggle too.

When we introduced the kids we made sure that the baby was in the crib away from me and I greeted the kids seperatly then introduced the kids. The kids had a gift for the baby and the baby had a gift for them too.

3 under 3- 15 month gaps. Busy but loving it eìí?

I have just read you message.

I have a 2.5 year old boy and a 4.5 month old daughter. When I first had her my brother brought him up to the hospital to see me and he was not interested in her at all. Once I got home we made sure that he was included in the things that we done for her, eg. bathing, changing nappies and feeding. He found this great to be a part of and was always wanting to do things with her, but we had to sit hi down and explain to him that she was only a baby and he had to be gentle with her cause he might hurt her.
Now he is great with her when they are both awake, he sits and plays with her, tries to read her his books and when he is playing with his toys he shows her what they are and wants her to play but he also understands that she is too little and cannot play at the moment.
I thought that when we come home from the hospital that it would be a nightmare that he would get jealous and try to hurt her, but we have found that if they are both awake we will make sure that we are all doing something together and when she is asleep we sit down and read with him, play games or go outside, so that he knows that we are not just doing things with her and not him.

Hope all goes well

Fiona, boy 2.5 yrs, girl 4.5 mths

why don't you get her books about mummy having a baby. i see so many childrens books for mother to read to there child.

I don't how old your child is but why don't you buy her a baby born ( i know they are expencive) but baby born is like a real baby it poos , it wee's it needs a feed ect ect ect.

but it will look like she is a new mummmy as well and you can do things togeather.

A friend of mine did it and said it saved her life

Aunty tara

this was something i really worried about my daughter is 2.4 and i gave birth to another girl on 4/3/06 the best thing is to keep talking about the baby in your tummy as often as possible and make out you need your daughter to help raise her my daught loves to feel invloved and tells everyone her little sis is all hers, let her pass nappies, put on the powder ect, buy little clothes for when she arrives, make a sign with new baby name and get your daughter to colour in all these thing made my daughter want her sister to come even quicker!

kristie 21,NSW bella 27mths delila 5mths

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