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Video Now jnr Lock Rss

I was thinking about buying my 3 yr old a video now jnr player for xmas and was wondering if anyone has one or knows of anyone with one.
Are they worth the money and has anybody had any problems with them?
They arent cheap and I'd rather put the money towards something else if they are not worth it.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Delma, Vic, Mum to Keeley and Ella

I brought one for my DD about September of this year and she loved it and it was great because we went for a long drive one day and so she wouldnt get cranky cause she was bored I took it with us and she could watch it while I drove, I have had no problems with it, but I would suggest to use rechargable batteries as if they use it alot the batteries will start to cost a bit, its great for little hands and I would recommend it to everyone, she loves it and I love it cause it keeps her out of my hair when Im busy doing something, she use to go to bed with it cause she loved it that much,

Sarah,Proud Single Mummy To Maddison 19/11/02, Qld

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