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Just wanted opinions on twin prams, strollers... I'm think of having no.2 when Mayas 2 so will need a double stroller. Am considering a twin side by side stroller, smaller the better as I rarely use Mayas pram and always opt for her smaller stroller... Also what about a pram with tod. seat. Can you get compact prams or strollers with these or are they all larger for stability?

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I have a side by side stroller and I cant get in any shops, very annoying so I only use it to go to playcentre or on long walks to the park, you can get strollers that have one seat at the back and one at the front, my friend has one of these and its the same size as my normal pram, I wish I had one but my toddler walks most of the time or sits on the roof of the pram when she gets tired.

Look around and ask in the shops then if they are too expensive you can look for the same sort of things secondhand.

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I have the Valco Runabout Deluxe with toddler seat (its a three wheeler). I walk a lot and love it. Its light, easy to put up/down and has great accessories. However, with my 3yo in the toddler seat it can be a struggle to manoevour it. Also, I don't think a child could sleep comfortably in the toddler seat - not a problem for a 3 yo, but might be for a younger child. With a newborn too, it is hard to get stuff in and out of the basket - didn't bother me as I only use it for walking so don't need to take much stuff.

My parents have the Valco side by side which they use for various grandkids and its great - fits through a normal doorway and layback on both sides.

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