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What Did You Buy For First Birthday???? Lock Rss

I was just wondering what everyone else got there sweeties for there first Birthdays???
I have got my son a couple of toys but other than that I have ni what to get him?????
Some help please!!!!

Joshua Kaelib 20/03/2003

Hi Chris, truth is - your little boy will probably be given so much stuff from friends and family that you won't need to worry too much. They don't know who gave what. We bought our son a Fisher Price swing and his birthday outfit. We put on a party for him too and he was really more impressed with the balloons and pretty cake. Most people asked what he needed before buying so I was able to steer them in the right direction (and they ended up getting anything that I had in mind)He was given some money as well, so I went out and bought whatever he needed clothes wise with that. A video of the day and his birthday cards and photos will mean more later on to him than any toy or outfit anyway. Have fun!

Carina, NSW

for my oldest i got him a ball pounder its like a castle with 4 balls thtau whack with a hammre but i bsanned that just use hand to push it down 4 the 2nd i cant even remember ! and the 3rd a toy when u turn it it over little tiny balls go down like an egg timre

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14


Dont worry about buying too much as he will be given so much by everyone else, we brought my daughter a nice book (for special occasions only) and a few little toys but everyone else gave her heaps of neat toys and clothes anyway so she didnt miss out on anything.
The pounding balls are really good, Aimee plays with them all the time. She also got a small dolls pram as she loves to push things.

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

Thanks guys for the info, I have got him a couple of toys, but I was thinking of getting a drawing or a painting done of Joshua and myself or someting like that anyway, just something that I can give him that he can treasure.
Thanks again guys.

Joshua Kaelib 20/03/2003

Hi There,

I just saw this post, so sorry if my reply comes a little late. For my daughter's first birthday we got her a clam shell filled with coloured balls... her toy present. Then we got her a special present that we are going to add to each year. We bought her a Lladro figurine (hand made in Spain) of a little girl. And each year we will buy her a different one so by the time she is a teenager she will have this collection of beautiful valuable collectors figurines.

I am now 22 weeks pregnant now and have a little boy... we plan to do something similar for him. At this stage we are thinking about a coin collection.

Well that's just a few more ideas for you. I like your idea about getting a drawing done of you and your son... that's great. I guess don't forget to take lots of photos too. And enjoy the day if it hasn't already passed.

Michelle smile
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