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My 20month old sleeps fine with no problems. I've been wondering lately if I should get him one of those baby pillows for his cot. Is it better for their neck? Will it stop him moving all over the cot or will it just be a distraction? I don't want to get one and then start having problems with his sleeps when he is fine now...Any ideas?

Carina, NSW

Hi,I think its up to you whether or not u want to introduce a pillow. My son is 2 yrs old and i don't use one for him as I prop his matress up on an angle instead. When hes sick i use a pillow to prop him up.I guess its just trial and error. U can try one and if he doesn't like it take it away.I have a friend that uses one for her son and she swears by it. She just got a smaller flat pillow for him. He loves it. Good luck.

Kylie,Qld,4yrold Thomas & 18mthold Brooklyn

I use a pillow for both of my babies, who are now 2 years they have been useing one since birth recommened from there pead... due to the fact they were always snuffly and he has since said they would should be useing a pillow at this age anyway when i asked are you sure i should be useing one this was at 1, 1/2 years of age that there neck needs alittle more support i contact a different pead to find out what he said and he said that if they dont have breathing problems it isnt something that has to be down but they might find it more comftible
A friend of mine told me that if she puts a pillow in her sons cot, he stacks it up with his soft toys and blanket and climbs out!!!!!
Not sure if thats something your little one would do but its certainly somethig to consider!
Neena sleeps in a bed with a feather doona but no pillow, i think you'll know when to use one, he might put his arms under his head to sleep or he might sleep on a teddy as a pillow then you'll know!

Sarah,VIC 18mth daughter

about 2 yrs

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

My little girl is 13 months old. From about 10 months we noticed that she started to move around a bit in her cot, always ending up lying with her head on top of blankets as if they were a pillow. We were considering if it was perhaps time for a pillow. She then started to become quite unsettled at night (she is a very good sleeper - sleeps the whole night through, very rarely stirs), so, my husband got her cot bumper (which we do not use as a bumper on her cot), he folded it in half and then placed it in the position as a pillow. He then tied the tie-backs around the head of the cot to keep it securely in place. As the cot bumper is a bit "puffy" like a quilt, when it was folded in half, it provided just a little pillow, which turned out to be a nice size for her. We layed her down in her cot, she settled straight away and slept the whole night through again, and we have not had any troubles since. Perhaps it may have been coincidence, but we are more inclined to think that she did feel better with 'her pillow'.

Linda (Jessica 3/4/03, Caleb 11/4/05)

hi there,

about a month ago we put a pillow in my daughters cot, she's now 16 months. It is not one of those very flat pillows, it is quite a puffy one that goes in cots and we put it under the fitted sheet that we have on her mattress as I was concerned that if we put it in normally she would get her head under the pillow itself. She often moves around in her cot and ends up sleeping face down with bum in air at the top end of her cot. She had a cold one day with a stuffed up nose and coughing and we tried the pillow in the cot under her sheet to elevate her a bit and it seemed to work for her and it is also a way of introducing a pillow for her. She does seem to sleep better with it also, she doesn't move around as much and as yet she hasn't tried to use it as a way of trying to get out of her cot by standing on it and trying to climb out.

Mel, SA

I must try these things with my 15 mth old, might keep her in oneplace in the cot. On the other hand, she is the sort of kid that would use it to climb out...

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

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