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Great Dads! Lock Rss

I just wanted to post a subject on great Dads! I know their are some terrible Dads out there but at the same time there are some great ones too! So please lets praise them for their great job as a father! My husband is such a great father! I have not been able to breastfed really well so both my kids have been mostly bottlefed! My husband has always done the night feeds for both of my children and loves it except for the broken sleep thing but he insists on doing it! He baths them feeds them dresses them and takes them out on occassions to give me a break! I think he is the best Dad and of course husband! My husband has such a special bond with our children and our children absolutely love him! He is just so great!!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Here here....
My partner is a great dad as well, and just loves spending time with the kids - we have a 3year old and a 3month old. Our 3year old is certainly a daddy's girl and just loves him to death. I work during the day and their dad works afternoon shift (starts at 4pm, finishes midnight), so he gets to spend the best part of the day with them both. I think you can certainly tell which kids spend lots of time with their dads - they just seem to be really well balanced.
Next week, my 3yr old gets to go to the Hi-5 concert with her Dad, and she just can't wait. Everytime she thinks about the concert, she say's "Daddy takes me there". It is great that dads are now getting to spend more quality time with their kids. We just need to tell them what a great job they are doing


hi nadine,
your hubbie sounds fantastic - even better than mine. Mine will help out when he is home to give me a break too. with our first he would give her a bath everynight and also get up during the night to change her nappy and then bring her to me for her feed (breastfeed) this was his way of being involved even though he couldn't help out with feeds. Now with our second when he gets home from work he helps a little bit with feeding her solids, bathing and nappy changes.

Believe it or not, there are some men out there that still believe it's the mothers job to raise the kids.

We are very lucky our husbands want to be involved with raising our children.

Vic, 2 girls - 9 yo & 17mth old

hi to all that wrote in about dads my husband is one of those dads who baths the kids gives them breakfast puts them to bed reads them stories plays with them. His reason is i have them all day where i go the 4yr old and 17mth goes so he says that he does all this to give me a break i know some dads who just sit on their backsides all day and do nothing, least our dads will have a relationship with our kids. when the 4yr old started kindy the first day had to be on his day off so he could be there. Good on all dads who wants to be a part of this wonderful journey we get to take with these wonderful angels that come into our lives. My husband was taking the baby to swiming but his hours change so he had to stop he was crushed that was his bonding time with her. I sometimes think how lucky we are so share some very special moments with our children that we will never forget and can look back on in our minds then remember that the dads most of the time missed out. So i thank all those dads who want to take the journey with us.


My husband has actually been looking after our 2 & a half year old daughter full time for the last 2 years.

He has done such a brilliant job of raising her, as well as doing the housework, having dinner ready, keeping outside tidy & completing a university degree!

He is just the best husband and father and I cannot thank him enough for everything he has done. He is currently toilet training!

We swap roles at the end of this month & I am very much looking forward to our role swap. My hubby believes every father should have the opportunity to do what he has done. He is the first to admit now that staying home with your children is a full time job and much harder than he thought.
I also have a partner who is very involved.
Since our 13month old son was born he has been changing nappies, bathing and generally being there for him.
He takes him everywhere he goes (except work), even if he is just going to get milk he bunddles our son in the car and takes him.
He also helps around the house and is about to start a deree at uni. i dont think i would have coped as well if he didnt help as much as he does and our son idolises him.
i think its great that our kids will actually know their dads.

mum to nicholas (05/12/02)

i too have a ggreat hubby he has always helped with the boys and is good around the house i was very sick last year soending 3 months in hosipital his work gve him 3 months off fylly paid so he could be mr mum with help from hs paents he did well!even lenren to cook some simple foods! bye

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi everyone, I'm new to these forums and loved reading about all your great husbands! I just wanted to share that I too have a great husband who is a wonderful father to our 2 boys.
We have a 5 yr old who is from my previous marriage and we have a 12 month old baby boy together, and ever since he met my older son when he was 3 he has treated him as his own!

When I gave birth to our little one in Feb 2003 I knew it was the start of a great love affair between my husband and little Jeremy LOL, he used to do the night shift feeding after I could no longer breast feed due to Mastitis. He loved sitting up with our son at 3am, they would just stare at each other and it was truly amazing watching them bond together the way that they did. I have never seen anyone become so close with their kids before, he does everything for them and with so much love. He cooks almost every meal in the house while I take care of the cleaning and he helps with the kids when he gets home from work as much as he can.

I am so glad there are other dads out there like that because it really rubs off on the children to have such loving fathers, they grow with love and it truly is the best thing for them.

Hi mum78,

My husband is a great partner and a wonderful dad. He adores our 15 month old daughter and is so excited about our baby boy due in July this year. He isn't afraid of a poo filled nappy or sitting up all night with a sick baby...

He is loving and supportive and everyday I know how lucky I am.
Just as much as I complain about my husband he does do a lot of wonderful things.
Generally he does a lot of the housework. At times he will work and then come home and do the entire house work for me.
He cooks as well.
He gives me massages everyday.
So much more...
Every husband has positives and negatives.
It is nice to talk about both.

mum of 3

As with most husbands he has his downsides, but I have to say his good points far outweigh this.
He is quite happy to look after our son and doesn't balk at a pooey nappy (though he is likely to ask for assistance). He looked after George for most of Easter while I was painting our bedroom, and has been great when I have been feeling tired during this pregnancy.

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

I just wanted to put my 2 bits in on Great Dads.
I think my husband is one of the best.
When we first got together I had 2 children from my first marriage. Our first "sleepover" with the kids in the house wasnt what you would call romantic. I had been up 5 times through the night with my 3 year old who has a respiratory condition. I woke at 4am to find him walking the floor with her over his shoulder. I knew then he was a "keeper". Over the years he has helped me with school bullies, ear piecings, homework, house work and my university degree. He has cried with me through my miscarriages. Rubbed my back whilst throwing up with morning sickness. got me in and out of bed when i had pelvic arthopathy with my pregnancy, bathed me, took me to phyiso, flew with me in the air ambulance with premmie labour and celebrated with me when my 3rd/ his 1st baby arrived safe and sound, took the baby to work everyday, did the night shift and then nearly died with me when we found out 3 months later that i was pregnant again. So he again rubbed my back as i threw up with morning sickness etc. He took 4 months off work to get me through the pregnancy.
So here we are now with 4 kids. My eldest is gifted and is accelerating at school so there is heaps of homework needing help. No2 does netball and gym so there is training and games to go to. No.3 has autisic tendencies so he always needs reassurance of where his daddy is and no4 will never knock back a hug and he copes with all this plus goes to work fulltime. His mates rib him because he is always on the phone catching up on how my day is but he doesnt mind.
And now we are talking about maybe having more.
His love is unlimited along with his devotion. And his payment: A kiss, a cuddle and I love you.
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