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Great Husband, Terrific Dad, Lock Rss

Hi Ladies, My husband is a wonderful, patient, helping father to our children. He handles things so well, He is a bit like a Mr Mum. He also helps me out with the housework, and gets up through the night to assist with our son. Iam very lucky, and if any ladies who have a husband out there who do not contribute or spend enough time with the kids, You Tell Them!!!!!!! Tell them to lift there bums off the chair and do this thing called parenting together. Good Luck Ladies, I can send my hubby out there to your house if you like and train your husbands for you, HaHa. I wish you the best. Ren.

Ren, Qld, 2yr boy

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Sorry to hear that, keep your chin up and concerntrate on the positives. : ) Ren.

Ren, Qld, 2yr boy

you must be married to my hubbys twin! he is so good with our 3 boys. and a gem doing any thing that needs doing in or outdoors.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

no he hasnt got a twin, but he is a good catch, a SNAG, If only all men were like him!!!!!! they are rare. I feel so sorry for woman who do it all themselves, they deserve medals, keep your chins up ladies who are not as lucky, and get stuck into you hubby and tell him how you feel. Ren : )

Ren, Qld, 2yr boy

I am also a luck lady with a husband who is kind caring considerate and very helpfull. After reading some of the other posts i think i should ring him at work and tell him how grateful i am that i dont have to do it all alone and that even though i nag sometimes and complain about how hard it all is it would be so much worse without him around to help break the fall.
Thanks for refreshing my memory on what a great man i married!
Good luck and God Bless

Kathryn - Zack-4, Toby-2 & Molly 1

Good On You Kath, I think I will ring my hubby now aswell and tell him how much he is appreciated and Thank him for being Mr Wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :- )

Ren, Qld, 2yr boy

What a great post. Its nice to hear about some decent men for a change. I too have a wonderful husband who I probably don't tell enough how much I appreciate him. He is a firefighter so on his days off he cares for our 11 month old daughter. My mum has her on the other days. Once a week he does a big cook up and makes two vegetable and meat dishes for her to have at lunch and dinner for the week ahead. He also makes her prune juice whenever it needs to be replenished. When I get home from work, he cooks our dinner, gets the dog her dinner, and does the dishes so that I can spend my night hanging out with my little girl. He reads to her everyday, and plays her classical music every morning. I love watching them together. She is the image of him, I think she only got my girly bits. smile


Karen, NSW, 1 baby girl

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