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only wants Mum !! Lock Rss

My youngest daughter is now 21 months old and has decided that she no longer likes her Dad!!
This is all new to me, my eldest daughter always wanted to be with Dad.
My husband had a car accident so he is off work and home full time with me and the kids now.
My yougest daughter just wont have anything to do with him she screams when he kisses her even when he tries to play with her. She wont take any food or drink from him and she tries to smack him all the time.
I dont know what to do I think this is starting to really upset him.
Any ideas...
Thanks Kelly

vic, 2 girls, 20m and 5y

When my little ones were around the same age my hubby was working 2 jobs, thus was hardly seeing the kids at all. They got quite used to not having him around, so when he would have a day off, and when he eventually quit the second job, they were very wary of him and quite uncomfortable around him. It was a little upsetting for him as he really missed them yet they didn't want a bar of him, but once he was home more they got used to it again and eventually the problem sorted itself out. I know the situation was a little different to yours but hopefully with time your little one will settle down. Good luck!
It sounds like your daughter doesnt want to share you with her dad and that she might feel like that he is taking all the attention from you and that she is missing out.

I know that when my partner was working away and was only home for 4 days than go back to work for 2 weeks that when her dad came home she would be funny with him and it would take awhile for her realise that it was her dad but now that isnt working away she is fine.

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Leave the kids with him, she will get over it cos she wont have a choice!
If your husband cant cope then he can ring you and get you to come home again.

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