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Hi all,
My partners in the Navy and will soon be going away for a few months. I will be nearly 7 months pregnant and my daughter will be nearly 18 months when he leaves. Does anyone have any ideas on how to prepare toddlers for daddy going away or how to keep daddy in the picture while hes away. We are going to make a video of daddy reading bedtime stories so that she can watch them before bed. Any suggestions and comments are welcome.

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I'd also try a small photo album - one of the soft covered ones which hold one photo to a page. (you can get them from photo shops for $1-$2). Put some photos of her with her father in it, as well as you and her, and all the family. We find that this works well with extended family that my daughter doesn't see very often, as well as with her daddy when he is at work. She knows it is her album, and loves looking through it, but has also been known to cuddle it, kiss the photos and take it to bed.

Good luck.

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