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Hi everyone

my 1 year old loves her dad but he never seems to want to spend time playing with her, I know he works hard (12hr shifts) and when he comes home he just wants to relax but Aimee keeps getting in his way and climbing on him and it seems that he is always telling her off. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get him to spend more time playing with her?
If I go out and leave them alone or ask him to watch her while I have a shower he just watches TV and lets her do what she likes then growls her when she touches something she shouldnt.

She only wants his attention
Please help

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

My hubby works long hours too so when he comes home he lies on the floor and lets Madison (1yr old)climb all over him and pull his hair, etc. That way he gets to rest for awhile and have some interaction with his daughter. Madison is into turning the pages of books at the moment so the other thing her dad does is sit on the floor with her on his lap and while he watches TV he absently flicks through the book.

Maybe you should talk to your hubby and tell him that no matter how young your daughter is, she still needs to have time with just him.
Hi kirstiegai

Thanks for your reply, I have tried talking to him about how important it is for him to spend time with her and we get about 5 mins then hes bored and she gets grumpy cos daddys not playing with her.
I know he loves her and I think he wants to spend time with her but I dont think he knows how. (I know that sounds silly) I dont think he has the patience and Aimee doesnt sit still long enough to do anything quiet like reading anyway, she likes to be chased around the house.
We will get there in the end.

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

Men!! They're just clueless!
Hello mummy to 1,

My partner was the same when he was on day shift until spoke to him about him being tired when he gets home from work, I explained that I understand that he is is tired and grumpy but that is NOT the child's fault and the child does not understand that daddy has been at work all day, all the child knows is that daddy has not played with me all day! So we agreed that He would offer our kids 100% attention when he got home so that our kids got what they wanted and then he could have his time out. I also explained that as a mum we make sacrifices, we don't get the time out that most dad's get, and that he too has to make some sacrifices for his children. Hope that you can help dad to understand that she just needs some attention!

Cristie, SA, boy 18/04/01, girl 22/05/03

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