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Hope someone can shed some light. My normally peaceful, happy, cheerful 2 year old has in the last month or so taken a turn for the worst. She is hitting, biting, screaming and kicking at everything and everything she does not like or does not agree to. She says no to almost everything, tells me not yet, i dont want to and go away. I am at my wits end and dont know where to go next. Taking things away doesnt help, and the naughty corner is a laughing matter. We have even resorted to the occasional smack which just makes us feel worse! Any advice on how to deal with it coz it seems to get worse when in the public eye.

Tracey, Mum of Chante 10/06/05

It may be a phase she is going through. I know my son went through a similar stage around that age - he would bite, hit and generally was a rough little boy. I found with my boy, as his vocabulary and ability to talk has increased, the roughness has decreased. My boy is now nearly four and is a totally different kid. Still active but nowhere near as rough or bitey. I know we did lots of time outs (in his room when at home, and sitting right beside me when out somewhere). It is tough to go through, but know that you are not alone. Sorry I couldn't be of much help but I'm sure with time, things will get better.

James' Mum

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