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My 15month old who has been so perfect for so long is starting to show her personality now. She just walks up to me and smacks me for no reason. I just tell her no that's naughty etc. She keeps doing it. Sometimes I just ignore. Is that the right thing? I think and have read that she is too young to be smacked. I agree. I don't think she is old enough to understand why. It just gets frustrating when they keep doing it and a simple no or don't do that seems useless.
Any suggestions?

Vic country Mum

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Thanks for reply
No I haven't tried a naughty corner yet. I thought she was too young. I didn't think she would stay put. What a good idea to use the porta cot. She hasn't been too bad the last few days but I will keep that in mind. Thanks.

Vic country Mum

Thanks for the idea of porta cot as I didn't like to use cot as a time out area. My 21 month old boy is also turning into a real tyrant. Hitting and biting me. banging head on floor with tantrums and yet he doesn't do it to his father ! Is it because I am playmate, friend, foe, mother, feeder and authoritarian?
My 20month old son started playing up at about the same age. I found this particular pattern works well for us. It took a few days/wks for him to understand and he still tries his luck sometimes.
Stage 1 - I count to three. Usually I say "One, Two" and my son will usually butt in and say "eee" for three, with a big cheeky grin on his face. He knows if he doesn't do what I'm asking, stage 2 will come into play.
Stage 2 - Holding both of his upper arms, I make him sit on the ground whilst telling him sternly what it is that I want him to stop doing and why (this is to get me into the habit for when he's older and asks me why). Usually he throws a tantrum. Starts screaming, crying and throwing himself around. I let him get it out of his system as long as he doesn't throw things or hit me. Most times he pulls himself out of it within a minute. If he hits me, throws things and still continues poor behaviour, Stage 3 arrives(only done this 3 times).
Stage 3 - Put him in his room and shut the door, often crying, for 5 mins. It is hard.(he only has books in his room and til now hasn't had any interest in them)
At the moment, I'm having difficulty with him throwing everything. When he does, and ignores stages 1 & 2, I add a stage 2.5 - take item away and do not give it back til the next day. With food, I take it away for 1/2 hr and if he's hungry, I firstly offer the same thing to him. If he shakes his head no, I give him something else.
If he hits me, I act really upset and say, "You HURT mummy". He rarely hits me now and if he's mucking around and being a bit rough, I say the same to help him learn "gentle".
It all sounds so strict, but it was only like that at the beginning, til he understood the consequences. We have more good days than bad at present. I'm not looking forward to him answering me back.
Hope this gives you some possible ideas that might suit you and your family. Goodluck
All I can suggest is persistence. Keep telling her no, it's naughty, it hurts Mummy etc. My boy went through this type of phase too, starting at around 16 months and it was awful. Maybe try re-directing her after telling her no. I think it might have something to do with the fact that they can't communicate effectively at that age. They can't get their message across in words and take out their frustrations. (Could be wrong but my boy has gotten so much better since he improved in his speech and talking ability). Sorry - probably not much help, but you aren't alone.....

James' Mum

When dose it stop lol
Generally I find it stops when they leave home.. we have a 19 year old, 18 year old and a 3 year old... we have a love/hate relationship with all of them... hang in there.. they eventually move out.
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