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Please can I get some advice re: what to tell my two and a half (nearly thirty) daughter about her father and i seperating? do i shield her and "baby" her along so to speak or do i tell her the truth? or if i do that am i only asking for a reaction? she didn't really spend any good time with her father anyway, and now she probably will. I just don't know... anyone have any suggestions....

Speaking from experience as a step mother, when my step children were 1 1/2 and 3 1/2 I tried to explain why their mum and dad were no longer together and it seemed to satisfy their question at the time. What I said was that mummy and daddy don't feel the same about each other anymore and they want to be friends only and can't live together. It is important that your daughter knows that she is loved and that she is not the cause of the separation. I have learned that it is also important for a young girl to have a male role model, and a good one that teaches her what to expect from men when she's older. Fathers or male role models can offer a sense of security ie strength and protection. Mothers are usually known for their nurturing qualities.
Hope this helps. I read a book called The Secrets of Happy Children by Steven Biddulph.
I have recently separated from my husband and have a 14 month old daughter. She hasn't really noticed anything being different because he didn't take any real responsibility for her while he was here and I am trying to remain friends with him and make him welcome to come and see her so I don't think she's suffering. I would like some advice on how to explain things to her when she's older and get some ideas on any problems she's likely to encounter as she gets older.
If anyone wants to talk, my email is [email protected]

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