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What to do with 2 1/2 year old for ANOTHER year?????? Lock Rss

My oldest daughter is 2 1/2 this month. She'll be 3 next may. She doesn't qualify to start 3 year old kinder next year as the cut off is 30th april. Which means i have to somehow entertain her for another whole year before she starts doing preschool!!! However, there are SOME preschools i've spoken to who will take her as soon as she turns 3 next year. But that means she won't be starting until nearly halfway through the year and then i feel like she'll be going in after everyone already knows each other. Natalie is PAINFULLY shy, and i don't know how she'd go with this......
So....... now my partner and i have to decide what to do with her. She's currently doing gymbaroo once a week, but this is only 45 minutes on a friday morning and although she loves it - its just not enough. I've read a lot of other mum's posts on here about 3 year old behaviour. The constant "i'm hungry" thing, the saying ""i don't want that" after they just said they want it thing". And just being a handful in general. Natalie is DEFINATELY following this pattern, so i can only imagine how its going to be. I know half of it comes from boredom and possibly a bit of jealousy as she has a 9 month old sister. She used to be such a well-mannered little thing but not anymore.
Now we're thinking maybe we'll put her into childcare for a day a week just to give her some playtime with other kids and myself a break. It will fill in that gap between now and when she properly qualifies for 3 year old kinder. Has anyone been in a similar situation?? And also, because of natalie's shyness and unwillingness to be separated from me when she doesn't know anyone i'm EXTREMELY worried about putting her into childcare although i think it would be the best thing for her. I think i'm rambling a bit......
Anyhoo, i'd love to hear from anyone with some advice for me! Ta muchly.

Sarah, mum of Natalie & Jessica

You should have re-read this before you posted. It sounds horrible. It sounds like you find looking after your little girl such a chore, you can't wait to palm her off into childcare. The whole "i'm hungry" and ""i don't want that" is all part and parcel of having kids and it won't stop until they leave home. Maybe your daughter picks up on your vibes especially if that is your attitude. It would explain why she's shy and clingy.

3year old wonderful little helper

i understand my son is 2 1/2 and is full of beans 24/7 and i just run out of puff. i decided to put him into occasional care. he goes 2 days a week for 4 hours, it gives him the playtime and stimulation with other children that i couldnt give him. Plus it gives me some one one time with my 6 month old daughter and if i'm lucky a little time to myself, which keeps me happy and makes him very happy. maybe you should give it a go?

I totally understand your situation!!
Here in Tas my little boy wont be able to start pre kinder until he is nearly 5 (cut off is 4 yrs by the 1/1 each year).
I too have been wondering what I can do to help him prepare for school before it is too late, I put him into child care one day a week so he can interact with other kids, we also go to playgroup and occassional kindergym. I honestly believe 3yr is way too young to even consider kinder, I have read other forums where they say wait until 4 - 5 yrs. Obviously it is up to the individual but I feel try to do as much with her that you possibly can and help her prepare for big school that way, even half a day at child care would be a good start! Especially in preparation for kinder if you do send her next year. Buy some of the basic learner books and sit with her and look at the shapes,pairs,opposites,odd one out etc. My 3 yr old loves these books and it is a good chance to sit and snuggle together, You may need a mum and daughter day occasionally to help you interact with her and discover her joys!!

Zachs Mum was being way harsh, Very disappointing, obviously never had an off day!!!

Goodluck with your decision, :-]
Posted by: hardyundy
Zachs Mum was being way harsh, Very disappointing, obviously never had an off day!!! :-]

I will add that Zach's Mum might want to wait until her baby is older than 11 months before making judgements on another mum......

I have a 3.5 year old son who I think maybe ready for something more stimulating too, but he isn't eligible for kindy (QLD) until next year. I don't plan on sending my son to daycare (but that is another story for another time). So I take him to playgroup once a week, swimming lessons once a week, kindygym once a week and we usually have playdates at least once or twice a week for the social interaction. I also try to do some "education preparation" type thing at home - the WIGGLES website is really good - has games that introduce numbers, letters, shapes, colours and there are memory games etc etc. I have a couple of basic learner/pre-school books that I bought from Angus & Robertson too. We often go to parks, playgrounds, to the lake to feed ducks, riding bikes etc (mine is a very physical boy).

Good luck with keeping your little one occupied.....

James' Mum

Dancing is a good one of my friends found a class that took her daughter at 2 and a 1/2.

Pre-school is a good idea, have you tried looking into a long daycare centre? They usually have a pre-school program between 9am and 3pm and they take children much younger than 3. The long day care I send my son to has recently changed their fee structure so I only pay for the pre-school hours 8.30am-3.30pm. Long day care is 7am-6pm. I also noticed someone suggested occasional care, that may work for you as you pay by the hour or session it depends on where you go just watch as it might be cheaper to enrol her for a full day. As she is a shy child maybe even family day care might be better to get her used to child care between now and turning 3 then you can put her into the pre-school you want her to go to.

AKA- 2_little_monkeys or 2 little angels

Maybe you could also check out your local PCYC (Police & Citizens Youth Club) and see what programs they run for youngsters. I know our local PCYC runs the Kindygym that I take my son to, and they also run trampolining/tumbling classes.

James' Mum

Hi Sarah
By now you must realise you're not alone. Keeping toddlers entertained is exhausting and some days are better than others.
I'm not sure what you decided to do as by now your daughter has turned 3, but my eldest is also a May baby and I was lucky enough to get him into a preschool (one day a week) this month. I was also really worried about how he'd cope since he's never been in day care and would not even stay in creche at the gym for an hour. But as you might have found as well, by 3, they're beginning to grow out of their clingyness and are becoming more independent (probably why they don't start them until then).
If you're finding that your daughter is still quite shy, Steve Biddulph has some great ideas/suggestions in his book 'The secrets of happy children'.
Another fabulous read (my all time favourite at the moment) is by Terri Hardwick and is called 'Turning the tables on tiny tyrants'. They're easy to read, funny and worth finding a couple of minutes a day to read.
Good Luck
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Devoted to Rohan 3 & Sofia 18 mnths

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