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Things are better 'stop blaming the child' Rss

I just want to say THANKYOU for all the advice I got from 'stop blaming the child'. I went to Legal Aid and they gave us heaps of advice on where we stand legally with this little one. They sent me to the Family Court to get a whole heap of documents to get things rolling. It wasn't until I left there that it really hit me that what I need is CLOSURE. I want us to either be allowed to keep this little one forever or she go back to one of her natural parents and we ALL get on with our lives. After I left, I felt like I could have just sat down in the gutter and had a big cry to release all my anger and hurt. Don't worry, I didn't!
I have been trying very hard to adjust my attitude to her, and I have also been working a few days a week again. It has been giving me a break away and the money has been a great help to a desparate situation we have been put in. I also have an appointment with Womens Health so I can talk through some of my feelings, and last but not least I was to go to Triple P on Sat but it got cancelled.
Finally the IN LAWS. Well we haven't seen or heard from them since I stated my feelings to them on the 18 of April. Hubby's b'day was the 07/05 and we didn't even hear from them so we didn't bother on Mothers Day or today which is MIL b'day. I feel so free at the moment. I can't remember feeling so in control of my own family in such along time. I don't feel as though I have to live up to anyone expectations but my own.
THANKYOU ALL again. You guys gave me the strength and courage that I was struggling to find. It may not seem much to you guys but it has meant alot to me and my family.


Thats great Beckie glad to hear things are slowly falling into place , good luck with it all


Michael, Vic, Born 11-12-03

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