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18mth old Biting Lock Rss

My 18mth old boy is biting, he started this behaviour about 3 months ago all of a sudden, mainly to his older sister. I thought it had almost stopped until yesterday we went out and he just bit 2 of our friends children. This is very embarrassing and hurtful I don't know the right way to discipline him. He doesn't really understand a naughty chair etc. he does however understand it hurts he gets very concerned after he has done it. A lot of the time at home he does it in absolute anger towards my daughter he often hits or pinches as well to hurt her, he gets his way because she crys and he gets the toy or whatever he is after until I interveen.
I have had very mixed reports on how to fix this problem but up until now everything I have tried seems not to be a long term solution.
I would be very grateful to some advice.

I know exactly how you feel. Just know you are not alone. I am constantly embrassed by my daughter biting other children. I have been in tears over this as well. My daughter will turn three in July. She knows it is wrong coz I'm am constantly telling her and she has the same concerned reaction after she has done it. I also have been given so much advice and I still haven't been able to fix the problem. I find myself having to constantly monitor my daughter while she plays with other children. I wish I could say I had a solution, But I just wrote coz I want you to know you are not all alone.
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