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Hi Everybody, My DD will be 3 in June and she has such a lively personality and attitude but she needs somebody with her ALL the TIME. I work fulltime and have done since she was about six months old. She has previously stayed with my mum five days but now goes to family day care twice a week and her grandmothers on Friday's. She gets to spend all day with my mum, just the two of them, she gets one on one attention and if she doesn't she gets soo stroppy and crancky. When she gets home all she wants is for me to sit and play with her but i can't I have to cook dinner ( we don't get home until about 5.30-6pm) Her dad try's to keep her occupied so I can get dinner ready but I would like to know how to encourage her own play. I want her to be able to keep herself ammused. I do sit and play with her obviously just not as much time as she would prefer. I would love some advice on how to encourage her to ammuse herself, she has an abundance of toys so she certainly isn't bored. She just wants to have somebody by her side all day ( even if it's just watching a DVD)
... I need more time in the day!!!!!!!
Lyndality, I really feel for you. It must be hard being a fulltime working Mum. I find it hard at times just getting all my jobs done at home and having time for the 3 kids and Hubby and I don't work.
I often sit one of the kids up on the Kitchen bench if they are miserble and they hand me the potato's to peel or just sit and chat to me while I am getting dinner prepared. If you have a large kitchen bench this is an option or maybe she could sit on a little chair of her own and tell you about her day.
We sometimes put on Wiggles music (CD only) and sing to that during this time also.
I have found doing this I get dinner done and they don't feel so excluded. I also get Hubby to do the baths while I clean up after dinner then we both have from 6.30 to 7.30 with the kids (family time).
I don't bother with any housework between 5 and 8pm or until the kids are in bed. I then spend the next hour doing what I can and if I run out of time then it can wait until tomorrow because from 9- 10 it's my time with Hubby.
She may be so clingy with you because she misses you. It may have been her life from 6 months old but you are still Mummy and no one can replace that. She also sounds as though she is lonely, my son was like this until we had our daughter, not saying that you should have more just to occupy her. He is still very clingy and he is 5 but now he tells me 'Mummy I just wants someone to play with'. I usually play with him for about 5 - 10 mins then explain to him I have work to do and I will be back soon and I just check on him and praise him for playing so well, it has also worked well with my 2 two year olds.


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