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Ignorant In-Laws. Lock Rss

Little Miss turned 2 today. Her mother has just been and given her a gift. It is the first time she has seen her since Xmas. I am so angry right now because she has given this child up and told us to raise her as our own or she will be put into welfare. Our other two kids have had a birthday also since Bub has been back with us (August) and they didn't even get as much as a phone call or a card.
Am I in my right to be upset about this or am I being petty.
My Hubby rang her when she got home and said he didn't want to cause a scene in front of her new boyfriend but if she is NOT going to acknowledge our kids on thier b'days then don't give Bub anything either.
My just waiting to see if my Brother-in Laws turn up tonight with my MIL and give a gifts also. All hell will be breaking loose if they do because they have never given my kids a b'day gift.
There are only five Grandkids in the family, our 2 and my SIL's 3. MIL has the eldest girl, the boy lives with his real Dad and we have the baby.
I just want all the kids to be treated equal.


Hi beckie, I read your other post as well. Your in laws are unbelievable! It's good to see you hubby is standing up for his family, the whole situation is unfair. Like you I cannot understand how people can favour one child over another! I do not think you're being petty at all - families are supposed to be loving and supportive of all children. I don't really have any advice to give as it's such a difficult situation but I think you have every right to be upset! Good luck, I hope it gets better for you, and congratulations on taking in a baby, I think you're a great person!
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