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What would you do? (long) Lock Rss

My In-laws are driving me nuts. They are raising 1 of their Grandaughters. We are raising the other along with 2 of our own. Now MIL rings me from time to time and says can you please have Jesse (10) for me overnight or for the day as she works fulltime and doesn't have anyone else to take her. I always gladly do as it is a good chance for her to see her sister (2) and for us to have time with her. Now when we ask MIL if our kids could stay on a Friday night or they have them for just a couple of hours so we can go to dinner, she always replys "I'll be right thanks, or Bulls**T they're not staying here". When my SIL had her kids she always babysat for her and her kids stayed every weekend. When my SIL gave her kids up MIL only wanted the eldest because she couldn't afford to take the other kids if it meant Jesse would go without (her words not mine). I begged her when bub was tiny to take her for a couple of hours to give me a break and time with my kids as my daughter is only 9 months old and my son just a toddler and she refused to have her. Then bub went back to her Mum for a couple of months and MIL had her weekends and nights to give my SIL a break. It just annoys that she won't treat our kids the same. Today we went over for easter and gave them eggs. They gladly took the eggs and ate them in front of the kids (5, 2.5 and 2) and didn't give them anything in return.
I feel like refusing to have my neice anymore until they can start to treat my kids like their grandkids also. As for my BIL's Jessie is the only niece they acknowlegde also. They never come near our kids but take her to the movies and the beach and on holidays. My kids are still to young yet but how are do we explain this to them when they get older.


I just wanted to say you are good person for doing what you do. You have a full plate with kids of your own and I don't need to add extra in your life. I can understand the way you feel about not wanting to take your niece anymore but I guess the question is what would happen if you didn't? would your niece be cared for ect. Anyway I just wanted to say you deserve a pat on the back it's tough enough to raise your own kids let alone take on others. Happy Easter.
Wow beckie, what a bizarre family and horrible situation for you to be in! If it were me, I would keep your neice as it sounds like the best place for the poor overlooked baby to be, and get your husband to have a serious talk to your MIL. It should be him to sort out his family. You two need to discuss what outcome you'd be most happy with & he should find a way to get her to see some reason.

Goodluck with it all, let us know how you go.

you are doing a great thing im a step mother of 2 there mother left them when they were 1 and 2 years old and i have been there ever since the mother ram off with another guy and had a baby with this guy to me i think my step kids mother is acting like a child because no real mother would leave her children.

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