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Mean spirited family - what would you do? Lock Rss

Hi there,

I'm just wondering what everyone else would do if this was happening to them.... I have a semi-big Austrian family (my dad is one of seven) and its a very close-knit loving family apart from one branch. My dad's brother (my uncle) and his wife can just be so damn nasty sometimes. He's the oldest of the 7 so his wife has been around the longest. They have 2 children who are obviously my cousins - a son (36 I think) and a daughter (32 years old). The son has just come off a broken engagement and the daughter was married 4 years ago for 3 years or something (now divorced). Neither of them had children. They're all very materialistic and totally wrapped up in themselves. Anyway out of all of the cousins (there's 14 in total) myself and my brother are the only ones to have children. I'm 24 and he's 21. I have two girls (one is 2, the other 7 weeks), my brother's little girl is 2 and a half.
So, the other week my partner and I received an invitation to my Uncle's 60th Birthday party. ONLY my partner and I - NOT our girls.... I later discovered that my brother's little girl had not been invited. "Fair enough" I thought, late night parties are not really for little kids anyway. Until i read the invitation and realised its actually a Sunday lunch at a restaurant!!! My opinion is that if the entire family is going (which they will be), then why should our children who are also family not be invited??? Its not like we have little terrors who run around and cause havoc and disrupt everything. In any case I simply do NOT have anyone to look after 2 children including a baby on a Sunday afternoon!! My partner's mum works saturday nights and sleeps on sunday. Also my little one will only be 11 weeks old when this day occurs. What if i were still breastfeeding?? I'm so angry over this and I've decided to say we can't come due to the fact they aren't ALLOWED to be there and i don't have a babysitter....... I know they aren't "allowed" because my aunt made a comment to my brother last sunday - something like "are you coming to the 60th?......sorry we're not ALLOWING littlies". Yeah right!!
I just want to know what any of you other mums would do if this happened to you. I feel VERY insulted!!! And i know the rest of my extended family will be disgusted when they know what's happening.....
Sorry for long post!

Sarah, mum of Natalie & Jessica

Hi, I would feel the same as you I have a son 3yrs and one on the way. As far as I have been concerned if my kids are not welcome then I don't go. Depending on what it is one of us may go and the other stay with our kids. I am proud of my kids and have them around because I want them. If it is your uncle maybe you could go for a while and your partner mind the kids so long as that fits in with feeding ect. I try and respect others right to set the rules for their parties ect but if we don't fit within their rules then we just skip the event and with a new bub I don't think anyone could blame you. However be proud of yourself for the love you obviously have for your kids. Take Care.
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