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encouraging individuality in 2 year old Lock Rss

My youngest (just 2) follows her older sister (3) and brother (5) around all day imitating them. I know this is how kids learn but she doesn't seem to be developing a personality of her own. She rarely starts a conversation, just mimics everything everyone else is saying. When she plays with her sister she will study her then stand or sit the same way even try to have the same face expression. If for any reason her sister is not about the house or asleep she is completly lost. She just lies on the floor playing with her hands or feet waiting for her to return. If I try to play with her she gets cranky and sooky and tells me to 'go away'. If we have a conversation with her brother or sister she is right in front of us yelling back what they are saying. If we try to have a conversation with her on her own she just mumbles or completely ignores us.
I understand she idolises her siblings but I'm more concerned that she is becoming too dependent on them. Most kids start to develop their own personalities to a degree by now, but as yet she is her sisters shadow and really likes it like that. How do we get her out of it.


Do you have any family/friend help? Perhaps you could get somone to watch the other two and take her out/playgroup etc by herself, hopefully if you make it somewhere fun she won't have a tantrum. Is it possible to put her in daycare a day a week or something so she interacts with other children without her siblings being there? If you are really concerned I would ask your doctor to refer you to someone to get advice, it's always worth asking about it to get some peace of mind. My daughter used to constantly speak up for and boss around her twin brother and we had to spend a lot of time getting him to do things himself (and to get her to allow him to) especially as his speech was delayed due to her speaking for him. They go to daycare 2 days per week and the staff really helped with this. Good luck.
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