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I think it is ok. I felt guilty giving my 2 yr old son a doll and pram, but I know that it is not making him a sissy, it is making him a kind and considerate young boy, which in turn is going to make him a great dad!!! He has had a doll for about 9 months and he sits it with him at the table when he is having lunch, and asks me to please give his baby her lunch too! He makes sure baby doll has something to eat and drink, and it encourages him to sit and eat too. It has also helped me to toilet train him. When I bought him a potty ($2.99 at warehouse discount store) I bought one for his doll. I sat his doll on her potty and put water in it, when I took doll off and showed my son that dolly had done a wee and That I made a big deal out of how clever doll was, he wanted to sit on his potty, the very next time he sat on the potty he did a wee!!!

qld,3yr old boy

I brought my boys their first doll and pram, because they showed interest int hem, and nwo that they have a sister, there is continious fighting over who get what doll and what pram lol.

I see it this way, it us adults with the gender issue problems, really a toddler doesnt know any different that boys do this and girls to that, they are just doing what feels good to them.

Even my brotherinlaw has woken up and realised that theres no harm in boys and dolls and him and my dad were really agaisnt it when the bosy opened their dolls in front of them last christmas lol.

Sharon, 24, Qld, 2 boys 3 & 5, girl 1.

**makes mental note to buy fluttah's boys dolls clothes for their next birthdays** *grin*

Sharon, 24, Qld, 2 boys 3 & 5, girl 1.

no you sould not be concerner my daughter plays with toy cars............. dont stop your son from palying with a doll its okay and it wont turn him in to a sissy............ lket him play with the doll all boys play with dolls when they were younger and girls also played with cars there is nothing wrong with that dont make a big deal out of it
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