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I have two children 7 months old and a 3 1/2 y.o who can be jealous of his little brother.
For example if I feed little one Josh wants me to feed him, or if I'm holding my baby he wants to be held as well etc. and he also doesn't share he's toys with the baby.
How do other parents deal with jealous children?

mother of two vic

hi we are going through the same thing my oldest is 4 and the baby is 19 months connor has always been a bit heavy handed with her but now they are older he will take toys off her or he will rush pass her quick so she falls over on purpose or he will lay on her we really thought of my god he hates her until the little things happen like she cries when i leave her at kindy and he looks after her or if another child wants to play with her he gets very protective so we realise that alot of it is to do with attention so now if he hurts or does anything we make alot of fuss of maddy then he gets sent to his room or sits on a chair for quiet time. Just take the time it will work out the 4 year old is no where near as bad as he was.When the little one gets a bit older if you offer the oldest a drink do them togther or of the oldest gets a biscuit himself tell him to get one for his brother. We did that now connor goes gets himself and maddy what ever it is he is getting then that learns a little sharing it does get better we just have to realise to them being on their own for 3 1/2 years having all the attetion in the world getting what ever he wants then all of a sudden having to share it with someone it would be pretty hard to come to terms with. We know our selfs if for eg our partners have something important happeing and for a while the attention is somewhere else we don't always like it and we are adults so think what it's llike for kids. I know it still doesn't take the fact away that it's a pain to live with and hard to cope with, but hang in there there is always a light at the end of the very big tunnel so good luck and remember there is awlays plenty of support on this site with everyone going through exactly the same thing. sharyn



mother of two vic

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