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Toddlers & Relationships


Toddler and MIL Lock

My almost 2 year old has just started to ignore her nan (My mil) and mil is taking it extremely p...

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spiritual babies, toddlers and children. Lock

My husband has colon cancer and is now having chemo.. When he had his major operation to remove t...

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Daycare and family day care centers are both great ways for some families to get the childcare that they need. But, an early learnin...


needing help Lock

Just need another parent to speak to. You may contact me via PM.

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Moving away from relatives Lock

Hi, my husband and I are trying to decide what is the right thing to do here: we have the option ...

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Playgroups or playdates Lock

Hi all wondering were the playgroups are in kingsgrove beverly hills roselands riverwood punchbow...

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Top 10 tips for getting your toddler to listen Lock

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Help - crying toddler Lock

Hi! I am 28 and have 3 boys 7, 19 months and 8 weeks. When my toddler started crawling was my 1st...

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melissa & alyssa

It seems like my nearly 2 yo hates me :-( Lock

Its been going to for a few weeks now. Every time my daughter wakes up in the night I always get ...

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3yo daughter resorting to animal noises and behaviours in group situations Lock

Hi all, I have a happy healthy 3 year old daughter. She is outgoing, and confident, extremely st...

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My child is very shy. He hardly makes a sound. (except for crying). Is this normal?


New to Pelican Waters/Golden Beach/Caloundra Lock

Hi guys, we've just moved to the area and have a 21 month old little boy who'd love to ...

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10 Top Tips for keeping your toddler calm Lock

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My toddler hates his baby sister. Lock

From the day they met, my son (25 months old) didn't want anything to do with his baby siste...

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It truly is a new beginning for the whole family, when a new baby appears in the family. I felt being torn apart to a point when i w...


Big brother Lock

So my son will be a big brother in January. We have started weaning him off things like dummy, co...

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Sounds like you've done heaps to make this transition a good one. I think if you just keep involving him in the process at ever...


Obsessed with my breasts- help! Lock

Hi, my DS will be 2 next month, he has never been breastfed (won't go into why - it's a...

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Thank you for replying. I thought it might be that but I wasn't sure!


To holiday with or without bubs? Lock

My partner and I are in desperate need of a holiday. We talked about going to Fiji or somewhere s...

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My husband and I went to Hawaii for a week and left our baby 8 months with my parents.. Best decision!. We were able to FaceTime her...


Needing advice Lock

Hi to anyone reading, I'm a single mum to a near 2 year old, looking for anyone who has been...

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In my opinion, you can't really ask his girlfriend not to be around, unless. you suspect she is in any way harming your child. ...


Toddler/preschooler behaviour Lock

Does anyone have any wonderous tricks & hints to get a near 4 yr old to LISTEN!!! His behavio...

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Involving kids in new relationships Lock

Hi all thanks for reading my post, My question is how soon is too soon to introduce a child to a...

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Toddler's behaviour after the arrival of a new baby! Lock

Hey guys, i've got 2 beautiful little girl's. My oldest is 18 and a half months old, sh...

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How to help toddler accept newborn? Lock

So, our 10 day old seems to have really thrown our 19-month old into a bit of spin! He's li...

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I'm currently relating to your dramas Pinal. My 4 and half yr old girl has turned into a little devil too. It's awful and ...


Family dramas Lock

Hi all, just after some advice my partner and I have been married for 6 years we have a 16 month ...

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Thank you, I do agree totally it's not the life kids need to see, he has said some very hurtful things and it has come out of t...


finding friends Lock

Anyone live on the bayside of brisbane that wants to meet up with the kids I have 4,2 and 5 month...

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Gunnedah Mums Lock

Hi i'm 26 and new to Gunnedah. My Partner myself and my 2 1/2 YO son have just moved to Gunnedah ...

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Hi I have just moved to Gunnedah last week I have 4 boys 5yr,4yr,2yr& a 3 month old, desperate to meet any mums (especially with...


Gold Coast Toddler play date Lock

Hi everyone, this is my first time using the forum. Hopefully I'm doing it right. I'm ...

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mummy of 2 prince and 1 princess

i am engaged to my bf Lock

i told my boys mummy gonna be wearing n ring so they can't Hit mummy fiance n my little girl...

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Personally I think you should slow down, it's only been four months!!! Kids need time to adapt and be able to trust a new man i...


Anxiety over how my toddler will accept newborn. Lock

Hiya, I am nearly halfway with baby number 2. My son will be just under 26months when 'new b...

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Thanks everyone,sorry for late reply I have been sick. Am feeling alot better about it now, Must of just been having a moment haha w...

mummy of 2 prince and 1 princess

my 2 year old n 4 year old sons hate my bf Lock

my 2 sons are 2 n 4 years old n they just meet my bf who been with for awhile now n when he kisse...

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we just decide if we plan it i can prepare they older boys to get use to change


Have you had this situation? Lock

Where you really like the parents of a kid, but you find the kid really hard work?

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He doesn't really get disciplined much to be honest. I think they struggle to control him!

Introducing toddler to newborn sibling for the first time Lock

When you say love to hear stories I doubt you want mine lol. Our 20 month old screemed the neighb...

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I am pregnant with my second and if I make it to full term (that's a bit questionable at the moment) my daughter will be a few ...


How to deal with separation anxiety Lock

Hey guys Looks like our little man is suffering from some separation anxiety at the moment - jus...

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2 year old hits her 9 month old sister Lock

Hi there, My daughter Emily will be 2 next month and the past couple of weeks she has started hi...

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Indiana does the same with Charlotte but Indiana will be sneaking with it as like if i'm outside hanging washing or help my mum...


How can I encourage friendly play??? Lock

My DD's are 3 and 4. They are always fighting. They say things like "you are not my fri...

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To be honest this is where i think my two DD's are heading. (There 3.5 and 2.5) They used to be best friends, but ever since DD...

Argh! DD has turned into a little feral! Lock

You know what Rosie? If the jelly beans will work, do it. It won't be long term and if it he...

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Weather it's a bribe or a reward do you really want to send the message that she gets a jelly bean for doing something that...


3 year old keeps saying ' go away' to his dad Lock

our almost 3 year old when he dosent get something he wants, gets upset or just randomly will sta...

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Dealing with your child's obsession with another child Lock

I thought I'd just ask this to see if anyone else has had this happen and how you dealt with...

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unique1 wrote: I havent had this issue but thought about you going to another place with kids to broaden his friendships other than...


Respect - earnt or automatic? Lock

After today's little argument and hissy fit from DH, just wondering what your thoughts are o...

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Dh's response - kids don't automatically understand respect. You earn their respect by demonstrating respectful behaviour...


Birthday Parties Lock

Hello!! Wee man and I have been invited to a birthday party to be held at Chipmunks. We don...

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If my girls were invited to party at a place like I'd expect the birthday boys parents to pay. But in saying that, this year ...


Introducing siblings Lock

Does anyone have any tips for introducing a 2/3 yr old to the new baby? I've been gradually ...

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We just went through this and this is what we did. We talked about the baby leading up to the big day but we didn't harp on abo...


Ex sleeping with housemate Lock

WOW! I had strong suspicions that as soon as my ex got this female housemate of his that they wer...

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he's nuts.... he doesn't see anything wrong in the whole situation... i told him what you suggested and he asked me why i ...


Very sociable 3 yr old Lock

My son is just over 3 and i have encouraged him to be polite, now he is saying hello to absoutely...

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My 3yr old DS is doing the same thing. We go out for regular walks with the dog and there are a lot of older folks out and about, w...