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still in mum and dad,s bed Lock Rss

I have a two and a 1/2 year old boy who won't sleep in his own bed we have been to sleep school and tried everything they have told us but he refuses to sleep. We even bought him a racing car bed for his birthday but do you think he'll sleep there, no.
I now have a 7mth old girl who is the total opposite and won't go to sleep unless she is in her cot. What a joy!
any ideas or suggestions please send them my way.

laura,vic,3 1/2yo boy,18mth girl

I have the same problem, my girl is 18mths and she will not sleep a full night in her cot. Yet, she sleeps there happily during her naps. I can count on one hand how many times she has slept in her cot in the last 14 mths.

I too need some advice
My first child was still sleeping in our bed around 2yo! I ended up making a little bed for him on the floor next to our bed and he thought it was great! He now sleeps in his bed in his room most of the night but still comes into our room early in the morning and sleeps on a little foam mat until we get up! Our daughter loves to sleep in our bed too but at least she will sleep in her cot!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

I got my son out of sleeping with us by letting him fall asleep in our bed, then moving him. we used to just tell him it was bed time and he'd toddle off to bed on his own (after hugs and kisses), then his sister was born and wanted to share our room too.

So we've done the independent kid, the sharing mum and dads bed, then climbing into our bed at night. Now we just let him fall asleep in our bed or on the loungeroom floor, then put him to bed. He stays asleep and falls asleep at his bedtime- so I don't mind too much where he actually does fall asleep, just as long as he sleeps.

This is a good thing.

Susan, QLD, mo2 = B3y4m & G18m

I have an 17 month old son and he to refuses to sleep in his cot and he sleeps in bed with me. His older brother was just the same, I only got him out of my bed because baby came along but I still have nights when I have both boys in my bed and I feel that if they are sleeping then I also get to sleep. I am just perservering with it at the moment and I soom hope that they will just pass through this phase with time. I also feel a sense of security and closeness for us all and a strong bonding between us which I feel is important as they wont be babies forever. And it does get tiring for us but as they grow they become more independant and you loose a lot of the closeness that you now share with your child. So in a way enjoy it while it last.

Dianne, Qld, twin girls 21mths

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