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I have a 2year old and we are going to England over Christmas. I need ideas about how you cope with a 2 and a half year old girl on a 24 hour flight.

I know there is stuff you can give them but I do not want her to be dehydrated from too much sleep.


Zoe 2years


I travelled to England in April with my son who was 13 months at the time and he was brilliant. We flew Japan Airlines to London so had an overnight stop in Osaka. The staff on the plane are excellent and would always check on you to see if everything is okay. Make sure when the plane is taking off and landing that she is sucking on a dummy or a bottle so her ear pressure will stabilise.

Maybe give her some panadol to relax her before the flight. I know it helped with my son.
I travelled with my then 3.5 year old son and my 15 mth old son to the UK last Christmas - I was terrified - I did the same trip with just the one son when he was 1 year old and it was a dream - he slept - we went direct with Qantas - but with the two I was worried as I was on my own with them and by 15 mth old was a complete different child to the older one - woke at the slightest noise whereas the older one slept and still does - through whatever noises come his way - we flew with Singapore Airlines which were absolutely brilliant - the Asians love children and nothing was too much bother - unlike Qantas/BA who tried to avoid anything they could!! We flew direct with an hour or so stop in Singapore - I must say the first 3 hours were a nightmare - Billy (the little one) carried on a treat - crying etc - just as I expected - I managed to fit him in the bassinet which was a godsend - but he was horrible!! Beforehand I had tried out Phenergan and Vallergan as a sedative and they didn't really appear to have worked whne tried at home - but I was so stressed I got it out and administered it to him before we got to Singapore - I must admit I gave him near on the maximum I was told I could - and it worked a treat - we got to Singapore and he was "sedated" but not in a cruel way as this may sound - it just calmed him and he was very drowsy - so that is what I recommend - it is fairer on the child, you and those around you - if your child is a bit of a "horror" at times - do you have anyone going with you? If you do - that is a big help as the extra pair of hands - just to go to the loo - is a luxury - I picked on my "neighbour" to help out - the other things I can suggest especially for a two year old would be to take lots of little "new toys" that he doesn't know so they are a novelty for him to look at - books, coloured pencils, etc - also lots of little snacks as the aircraft will provide toddler meals but he might not like them - especially if you do go with an asian airline - things like biscuits, bananas, etc - also take your own juices if you can - as I found my kids were continually thirsty - take a couple of changes of clothes also taking into account you will be leaving a probably hot climate and going into a very cold climate on landing - also any comforter he may use to go to bed with - also his own blanket as the aircraft ones are thin and not very "cosy" - wipes, nappies, non-spill cup, lots of nappies - and bingo - you should be fine!! I would be interested to see how you go because I am planning to do the same trip again probably June next year - but trust me and take the phernergan or vallergan as a safety measure if nothing else - but remember to try it at home first as sometimes it can cause an adverse effect - best of luck - where are you going to? How long for? Also word or advice - if you going straight through try to get off the plane for a breather and change of environment - if your little one is awake it is a great opportunity for him to run around for an hour and get exhausted again! My email is [email protected] if you want any more hopefully helpful advice.
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