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I would like to say that I REALLY understand and empathise with you all about your kiddies who don't sleep through the night, who wake up and scream for hours, who vomit, scream themselves to blood noses and dirty nappies, who will only go to bed if their conditions are just right (and even then they will find something not quite right!!), who use every little and big distraction they can think of, and if they do manage to close their eyes open them just as quickly and declare that it is time to get up AGAIN!!!

My hubby and I have been battling this for well over 2 years we have tried sleep clincs, read every book and doccument about sleep settling and have found that these techniques help for only a short while, as she figures out how to elude sleep once again. However, she is almost 2 1/2 years and is almost over this problem.

I was told that most kids will grow out of this, and yes I think this is so true. One of the best things we did for her was to get rid of her dummy we went cold turkey, if she asked for it we told her she was a big girl now and didn't need it. She fussed continuosly for a couple of days and by the end of the first week she had forgotten it and since then it made a HUGE difference to her sleeping. The other thing we did was give her a short bedtime routine as if it was too long she dwelt on the fact she was going to bed and consequently didn't settle at all. We play soft music throughout the night so if she wakes up she hears something familiar, (music for dreaming 2)

However the biggest problem was her day sleeps, she won't sleep durring the day at home but in day care she will sleep for hours, the more sleep she got durring the dya the less she slept at night. So we now limit her day sleeps to one hour at the max and have found that it has helped significantly. I know this means having a cranky toddler at home but I arrange a time in the day after lunch for her to do a quiet activity ie video/story ad have found she is rested enough for the remainder of the day.

She still occaisionaly wakes and we need to resettle her but I beleive she is finally growing out of her problem. Looking after babies and toddlers is very tireing and challenging but HUGELY rewarding. Yes there is a light at the end of the tunnel even if it does seem like its a long way off.

emmjay 2 1/2 year toddler and 9month baby

Thanks emmjay.
I have a 22mth and a 5 mth old, the 22mth fights sleeping during the day and the later she goes down the more she is up at night. She used to be really good and have a sleep from 1pm to 3 then she got a ear infection and i think that didn't help. I have trouble now getting her to sleep of an afternoon any suggestions i have tried a range of things.
Ladies,Its good to know we are not alone. I am so very tired, I have tried everything, I an trialling something at the moment in which I got proffessional advice about and sticking to it, but still not having any luck. I guesse we will have to patient, but any break throughs please let me know!!!!! Noyhing is working, Ren : (

Ren, Qld, 2yr boy

Hi Ladies,

Just wanted to say that I had heaps of trouble with my bub sleeping when she was a bit younger (thought I was gonna go crazy), but had a huge breakthrough with a fantastic book a friend loaned me.

Wondering if you've already had contact with them emmjay, the main one is called, 'On Becoming Baby Wise' and is followed by a couple of others.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in more info, just let me know.

Hope you're getting some sleep - I'm so grateful to have mine back!!

Hi Shani,

Its great to hear that you have your sleep back. Yeah I'd love the details for the books-thanks. I'm booked in to go to a sleep clinic in mid Jan so we will see what happens with that. My eldest is starting to sleep through the nights now although the initial settling is still a problem but my youngest has decided (a few months ago) that she would rather eat then sleep durring the night and therefore never really gets more than 1 1/2 -2hrs at a time. So if I can manage to curb the feedong with out her going mental I think I might have some success!!

emmjay 2 1/2 year toddler and 9month baby

Hey emmjay!

So sorry it's taken me awhile to get back. Crazy end of year busyness. Anyway, I hope you're doing well.

The book I used is called 'On Becoming Baby Wise' and it's written by Gary Ezzo & Robert Bucknam. It is available through the website of an organization called Growing Families Australia. The link is and there's some really good info on there also.

I know just what you mean about the feeding thing. I thought Iwas gonna go nuts when my bub was waking anywhere from 3 - 8 times a night and wanting to feed every singletime!! Argh!! Anyways, it's all good now and she sleeps so well.

If you need any more info, or wanna ask me any questions, just let me know. Otherwise, goodluck with the book if you decide to get it and good luckalso with sleep school. Would love to hear how things go. Take care,

Hi everyone

I completely understand what everyone is saying. My son was a terrible sleeper. He still kinda is and he is three now.

He only slept through the night from 6 weeks to two months. That was it. He used to wake up three to four times a night wanting a bottle.

I got rid of his dummy at six months with no dramas wht so ever but the night waking continued until about January this year. i tried really really hard to get rid of his bottle once he turn two but it was impossible. He was still waking all the time. I got very lucky on holidays over christmas. He just decided not to have a bottle anymore. I was amazed to say the least.

My son hasn't had a day time sleep for a very long time. He was in childcare for a while and he was the same as another bub here he would sleep for hours but it just didn't change his sleeping at night. It didn' t matter if he did sleep or didn't sleep or even how long i would still have trouble at night.

He still had big issues getting to sleep. He wont sleep until almost minight most nights despite what i try. He does sleep quite well when he does go to sleep he often climbs into bed with me.

I read so much stuff and tried so many things but it just didn't work. Many experts say that it can gon on for at least five years. Thankfully my daughter is a much better sleeper.


Adam(07/09/01), Holly(08/07/04) & Matthew(230605)

Hi Sheryl,

Thanks so much for sharing your story. I'm sorry to hear that you had such a rough time of it with your little boy. Must have been kind of hard on him too.

I realise how you must feel about the multiple 'methods' for sleep training etc., but if you are still loking for something, I would really recommend checking out the book I was suggesting to emmjay. I believe it's quite a different approach to most other things I've seen. Actually for your little boy at three now, there's othere books in the series which deal with different ages. I think the one for his age would be Childwise. I haven't actually read the Childwise one myself yet, but since sleep stuff is a big part ofthe foundation of what they teach, I imagine they'd deal with it somewhat in that book as well as many other things.

Anyway, if you'd like anymore info or if you'd just like to talk, I'd love to hear from you.

Take care,

Hey Shanna

Thanks for replying and for the tip i will have to check it out.

I noticed our kids were kinda close together. Adam was born on 7th September 2003. That's pretty exciting....

I would love to chat with you as with others i don't have much success in getting replys but oh well.

So how is your child going. Adam is just the cutest. He certainly has an attitude. I am having fun trying to stop him from swearing. My sisters swear quite a bit unfortuately and he sometimes repeat them. I found that if we tell him it is a naughty word and smack his hand then he gets the picture. He often tells my sistes off and me on my rare (true story) mishaps.

Anyway would love to hear from you too.

Adam(07/09/01), Holly(08/07/04) & Matthew(230605)

Hi Sheryl,

Great to hear from you again. If you are interested in checking out those books, the web site add is

That's cool that ours bubs are so close. My little girl was born 28 Sept (as you probably already know) and her name is Alynta. I know just what you mean about some ppl not really replying. I'd be happy to chat though I can't guarantee that'd I'm always very prompt. smile If you'd like to e-mail me, my address is .

Ally is doing really well. Loves learning everything! I'm sure Adam is the same! Actually I just had a funny incedent with her. Every morning she has about 30mins 'playpen time' where she's in the playpen with some of her toys and stuff in another room where I can keep a check on her, but she can't see me. Well, this morning (just before) when I went to check on her she had done a poo in her nappy and then decided to change it herself. Yay! To be honest though, she hadn't really made much of a mess, just seemed like she'd taken the nappy off and the contents had fallen out. When I actually went in there, she was standing playing her music thingy and laughing!! grin Funny girl!

That must be really hard to try to control Adam swearing. I guess it's really confusing for them when other ppl do stuff and then they get into trouble for doing the same huh? I totally understand though. We try to be really careful what is said around Alynta even by our friends etc. for that exact reason. We decided that the way to decide what was not ok to say around her was anything we'd be horrified to hear her say to us. That provokes some really funny thoughts!! Anyway, there's always the occasional slip.

Ally's a bit obsessed with body parts at the moment too (particularly belly buttons!). She's always pointing at someones nose or arm or something and saying 'dat?' (aka what's that?). Very cute. She's also obsessed with food and at any mention of it or hint of it she says 'yahyah!' which we're fairly sure is yum, yum. It's so funny - somethimes I think she has a one track mind!

Well, I just about to duck out. Would love to hear more from you and about Adam.

Have a great day!!
Hi Shanna

I have a confession to make !!!!! nothing too serious i actually feel a bit stupid.

I think in my state of pregancy lack of brain cell i said that Adam was born in 2003. He was actually born in sep 2001!!!!

Really can't believe that i said that just goes to show that you really do feel dumb when you are having a baby.

I only realised when i was reading the stuff about what your daughter was doing. I was reading it thinking she seems way behind Adam!!! That was until i read things properly and realised she was doind what she should be doing at her age.

Sorry for this mishap.

Adam(07/09/01), Holly(08/07/04) & Matthew(230605)

Hi Sheryl,

I'm sorry it has taken a while to reply!!! Wow you have really had a rough trot with your little boy. My eldest who I thought had now turned the sleepless corner has gone back to bad habits- not settleing at night and then waking up a few times latter throughout the night. The problem I see thsat she has is her bottle and I just cannot get rid of it. Like you the dummy was easy but the bottle thing-argh!! Its my fault I give in but thats all I have for night time and some day time sanity. The other thing is that she drinks sooo much milk that it gives her a tummy ache, so we either water it down or are now starting to experrriment with lactose free (she had a slight intollerance to it as a baby) and soy milk. Is your boy still having a bottle? If not how did you do it??

chat to you soon (Amy has just come running in an low and behold she has asked for a ......BOTTLE!!!!)

take care


emmjay 2 1/2 year toddler and 9month baby

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