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Does anyone elses child have a security blanket???
My son is 14 months and from the age of 3 months wouldnt go to sleep without his blanket (its a very light weight cotton which i used as bunny rugs cause he was born in spring) and still wont ive tried to put him to bed with out it but NO GO!!!!

We r trying to have another baby. I was planning to use them for the next child too but i dont like my chances. He will probably take it off the baby lol!!!

If anyones child DID HAVE one let me know how u went about taking it off them.
Hmm, that's a tough one .. my daughter never really had anything for security, but if she did I think I'd either try and replace it with something else (make an outing of it and go buy him a special teddy or something), or if you dont mind not keeping the blanket .. try slowly reducing the size of it until theres a small square of fabric left (cut small strips off once a week or something .. lol, sounds funny, but just might work).

Let us know how u go,

Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

Isaac (2yr 8mth) has always had blankie, and it doesn't faze me one little bit. It's an indicator for the whole family that he's tired when he brings out 'blank and dummy'. We started telling him that they are both for nigh-nigh time, and it took a bit of persuasion, but he only takes them to bed and kindy for sleep time now. I know myself and my two brothers all had a blankie and we turned out okay. Maybe try blankie just for 'special times'. Remember your baby's only 15mths old, let them be a baby... Good Luck though!

Emma, 2 boys 1 on the way and still smiling

My kids still have thiers at 5, 3 & 1. I just bought new ones when the next babies came along, or when they wre getting worn out, or sometimes even just as a special trat as they get so much wear they wear out rather easily. i now have more than i like LOL, but its great when one (or 3) is in the wash tongue and their daycare ones can stay at daycare and preschool ones at preschool etc.

They dont take them everywhere with them, jsut for sleep time. If it means a good settled nights sleep for them, then where is the harm??

Personally i belive that taking it off him to give to the new baby will possibly lead to resentment and rightly so.

Just my opinion tho.

Sharon, 24, Qld, 2 boys 3 & 5, girl 1.

My 2 yr old still has his blankie. I have just had my second baby and bought him the same sort of blankie. I have no plans to take it from my 2 yr old yet, he loves it and finds so much comfort with it, especially now he has a new brother who also has a blankie!

sally, vic, 2 yr old / 2 week old

my baby boy well 18 month old has a ruggals and he doesnt go anywhere with out it. But i want him to have a security thing cause i did when i was a kid it just makes u feel safer as a kid. And to tell u the truth i still every night sleep with a toy i had as a kid. But as for getting him not to have it it might not be the best and just let him have it till he doesnt want it no more thats what im going to do with my son. Hope it all goes well.

mum of 1 25/05/03

natasha, S.A, nearly 3 year old boy

ooooooohhhhhhh kyle's mummy, little ones love there blankies, it is harmless, most children love to snuggle up to their favourite bedding, I know you are trying to save money but I don't think you should try to take it his blankets off him you will need to buy some more or have a baby shower and get others to help you out to get some more, my son is nearly two and has his own blankets as does my 6 month old daughter.
My son is 17 months old and he uses a cloth nappy as a security blankie he has done sine he was about 2 months old. He only holds it when he is tired or asleep. But i think it is very cute. I had bought about 3 pkts of cloth nappies so i have plenty of nappies on hand for when one gets dirty or is in the wash.


Mummy to Joshie 15/07/03 & Hannah Lily 26/02/06

Hi There,

My daughter who is now 3.5 yrs old still has a blankie and takes everywhere with her - I know of a lot of people who still let their child have one I can't see any problem with it - Children mostly have something special they like to carry around with them and as for Olivia she didn't have a dummy or a bottle like some other children I know. I'm not in any hurry to take it from her now - mind you she shares it with her new baby brother as well.

As for your problem about using it for your new baby maybe you could offer to buy him a new special blankie or maybe you could make one with him so he thinks of it being his own special blankie, don't take off him now let him have some security as a new baby will take up a lot of your time and he might just need it.

Hope I've helped in some sort of way.


Hi Kyles mum,Ive also got a 14month old son who is very attached to his blankie.I wouldnt dare take it away from him.I think it's most important to allow kyle to keep his blankie especially when theres another baby around to compete with for your attention.His blankie is his security and talking from experience(Ihave 4 children)They need this when there is a major change occuring in their little lives.Will he use another blanket?Maybe you could introduce another one to him if you want to use his for the new baby.Anyway good luck with it all.
Jakey's mum
Hi there, my little girl has a blankie that she loves to death, its a crochet shawl and its now in 3 peices as it was too big to lug around everywhere. She doesnt go anywhere without it and it make her happy. Sometimes we all think that its pretty yuckie as she sucks the corners when she is tired or upset, but it seems to comfort her so much. WE have friends that have a girl who is nearly 10 and she still has hers. They will eventually grow out of it in their own time. You dont see adults lugging around blankies, so we all grow out of them at some stage. Dont let it get to you, its something that he loves and makes him feel safe. I feel its better then trying to get rid of a dummy or thumb. Cheers

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