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When to get rid of dummy and how Lock Rss

My son is 14 months old and has a dummy when is the appropiate time and age to get rid of it. I try not to give it to him while he is playing but with teething he likes to suck it. He goes to bed with it and spits it out when he goes to sleep and sleeps all night without it but as soon as he wakes up its back in his mouth again.
Any suggestions
Hi Kyle's mummy

My daughter is 2y & 4 m and still has her dummy, she is very attached to it. I try not to give it to her unless she is going to bed. We are about to attempt getting rid of it at christmas time, but leaving out for santa to take and give to another baby. If that doesn't work I am going to wait til my girlfriends has her baby in the new year and get Paige to give her dummy to the baby.

Rachel, TAS (Paige 21/6/02)

Hi Kyle's Mummy,
My daughter was just over 2 when I took the plunge, she is now 27 mths, like Kyle, she only had it to go to sleep etc but over the months she started to want it out of bed. As she kept dropping it while playing then unable to find it in the house, I told her she would lose it and the next time it took an hour to find it, I told her I couldn't, as long as she beleived for the next week or so that I was looking for it while she slept, she was OK. Had slight issues for about 4 days then occasionally asked, only after about 2 weeks did I tell her that I couldn't find it and she didn't need it anymore, (big girl and all that), now she laughs when she sees her 3mth old brother with his and just says "we can't find mine" never has attempted to take his..
Good luck, and trust me, its a better look for the child.

Angela, NSW, mum to toddler and baby

hi mums

Im probably going to be very disliked for saying this but get rid of the dummy as soon as you can.

There is so much research on how the dummy can effect speech development and not to mention their teeth. Children who have reflux can also be adversely affected because of the excess saliva that is produced when sucking. The dummy is only a comfort object there is no benefit to them and they can be very unhygenic.

I remember when my daughter was 8 weeeks old and saw the pediatrician and I asked him about dummies and he said theres a reason they call them 'dummies' , look at all the older kids who sit there passively sucking away with glazed eyes.

Hope I havent offended anyone


Jeanie, QLD, toddler girl and boy and pregnant

Hi Kirsty,

My 14 month old still has a dummy also, but it is only for sleep times and when she gets up I get her to throw in back inher bed and we wave goodbye to it. (looks really cute actually)

A couple of times she has found it outside of bed (one we have for travelling was left out - ooops!) but as soon as I told her she couldn't have it 'cause it wasn't sleep time she went and put it in bed. I did consider gettin rid of it altogether a little while ago, but decided to wait a bit longer and see how things go.

Anyway, hope things go well for you.

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