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21 mnth old wakes up no less than 3 times per night Lock Rss

HI everyone,

My son has never been a good sleeper although up untill 2 weeks ago my son would sleep all night 3/7 nights but only when he snuggled to go to sleep in my arms. So 2 weeks ago i started letting my son put himself to sleep in his own cot as i'd read a few articles on Sleep and stetting and if children fall asleep in their cot when they wake they're not scared because its where they fell asleepand will put themselves back to sleep. But my son now wakes up no less than 3 times a night. Last night he woke every hour for 4 hours and then i bought him into my bed as i was exhausted. Does ne one have ne ideas of what i can do??????


Hi Amy, I have similiar problems with my daughter (21 months), she wakes atleast once every night for a bottle. I have been advised to try giving her a bottle of water, after a few tries she will realise it is not worth waking for that. I also had to "ween" her off of sleeping with me, It is hard, but worth it. Try letting him cry when he wakes in the night kind of like controlled crying. It has worked for me. Now when My daughter wakes in the night (i share a room with her), i roll over and tell her to find her dummy. That usually works.

I hope this has helped.
Hi all,
My DD 20 mths STILL wont sleep through the night! (Wakes any where up to 7 times a night)Have had to put her into a BIG GIRLS bed too as she had worked out how to ESCAPE from the cot.Now i have more difficulties in getting her to GO TO SLEEP in her own bed alone letalone trying to get sleep too. HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING. any IDEAS?? All advice will be taken on willingly!

Rose,SA,DD Tahnee 26.02.03

Hi Rose,

I know how frustrated you must be feeling. I had huge sleep probs with my bubba too and thought if things didn't get sorted out I was going to go crazy!!

A friend loaned me a book called 'On Becoming Baby Wise' and using the basic principals in that Ally was sleeping through and back in her bed within a few nights.

If you'd like any more info, let me know.

Thinking of you,
Hi Ladies. its sleepy mum here, the name says it all. My son is almost 21/2 and still wont sleep through the night, we have trued so many different methods to rectify the problem and nothing is working at all, I am just so tired and can not think clearly anymore, worst still it interferes with my 6 year old daughters sleep as he wakes her up when he wakes, and its making me feel so grumpy and my husband grumpy as we are both so tired and had enough, I just dont know what to do anymore, any suggestions ladies, I would love to hear some and try them, but probably have already tried them but its worth a shot. I am hoping and praying it will soon get better, but so far it hasnt, i think its getting worse. Thanx Ladies, Ren : )

Ren, Qld, 2yr boy

Hey Ren,

Dunno if you read my other post or not where I mentioned a book that helped us a lot with our little girl and getting her to sleep through after ages of problems and sleep deprivation, but if you'd like more info on it, let me know.

i have suggested this to a few people my son was the same until i went to trasillian a support place where you go and stay either for a day or for 5 it has helped me big time there number is in your blue book good luck!

jayne,n.s.w.22mth toddler

Hi Shani,

i was just wondering who the auther of 'on becoming baby wise ' is? We put adam in a big boys bed 2 weeks ago and he wont go to sleep on his own. we have to lay with him or do the up he gets back to bed routine. Although he has been sleeping all night the dramas of getting him to sleep may take up to 2hrs.

would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Amy,

Thanks for your post. The authors of BW are Gary Ezzo & Robert Bucknam. You'd probably find the info in it helpful, but it won't be specifically talking about Adams age group. The two BW books are mostly focused on Birth to 15mnths, but they do have a lot of foundational info in them. The one that may be more aplicable to what you're looking for is the next in the series, On Becoming Toddler Wise which covers from about 12mnths and up. It has heaps of great info in it, not all specifically on sleep, but it does address that type of thing. It sort of talks about all aspects of their development and stuff and how it all ties in together. Alynta is 16mths now and I'm almost finished reading it and have found it just as brillian for this age as the earlier ones were for then.

I'd love to help in anyway if I can. Let me know how things go.

Take care,

I just realised that I totally forgot to tell you where you can check out info about the books. The distributor website is and you can actually order the books online through them also. They were on special before New Year, but I don't know now. Another site that you'd be able to order them from is and just do an all products search for them.

If you want to check out more detailed info on each book, go to the book website, www.parentwise . They don't retail from there however.

Hope this helps,
Have a great day,
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