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My 21 month old toddler still breastfeeds and wakes up at night Lock Rss

I have a problem with my 21 month old toddler he still breastfeds constantly during the day and night always trying to pull up my top. When sleeping he wakes up at least two to three times during the night and goes to bed really late some nights could anybody please give me a bit of advice as I really need a good nights sleep

three boys

Your life is EXACTLY like mine was a few months ago! My son turns 2 in November and I just weaned him a week ago. It has taken me pretty much a year, to cut down his feeds gradually to get to this point. First of all, with the day, I cut out all daytime feeds immediately. This was easy enough to do by keeping very busy during the day and going out a lot until he forgot about it. Then I was down to one feed after the bath, SEVERAL during the night and another in the morning. With the night ones, I went cold turkey. He sleeps with me so it was hard but everytime he woke screaming for a feed I would repeat "nighttime is for sleeping". After about 2-3 nights of tantrums he accepted it. I did not feel too bad because he at least was in bed with me and could have cuddles, just not feeds. Our nights got a LOT better after this, to the point now that he usually wakes once during the night (to leave his cot for my bed) and then not again until morning. I felt like a new woman. Good luck.
Hey Jessie,

Not sure how things are going with you as I notice it's been a little while since you posted Hope things have improved for you, but just incase theyhaven't you may be interested in knowing about a fantastic book I read which helped me get my little girls crazy sleep patterns sorted. If you're interested, just let me know. I know just how you're feeling!!

Thinking of you.

Smiles! smile
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