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My 2 year old boy won't go to sleep without crying or screaming Lock Rss

My 2 year old boy screams from the moment I leave his room, I put him to bed with his bottle and kiss him and say good night. The moment I leave the room he screams and crys, he takes up to an hour or more to settle. I offen end up patting and or stroking him, or just sitting in the room until he goes off to sleep. I've use control comforting, He doesn't have a dummy as he chews them flat.
Does anyone else have this problem? or any ideas on how I can get him off sleep without such a big fuss and performance. We are going away in a months time and I don't want it to happien while we are away. Help !!

Bec, SA, 2y old

Hi Bec

I can sympathise with you. My daughter is just over 2 and I have the same problem. She is trying delay tactics at the moment too. She fusses around the bed moving her security toy from this side to that etc. Last night, I said to her, lay really still and listen to your music (she has relaxing music playing at sleep time) she was off to sleep she went. This may help.

Rachel, TAS (Paige 21/6/02)

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Hi Bec,

We have been having the same problem with our 2 year old daughter. We have tried controlled crying which worked for her when she was younger but to no avail. Lately we have been doing the resettling for about an hour when my husband gives up and brings her downstairs.

Tonight however we stuck to our guns, she is in a big bed and as soon as we shut the door she would scream and come running over and pound on the door until we opened it. Finally after exhausting everything else we tried leaving the door open and just standing out of sight. It worked like a charm, not even a minute later she was asleep.

I am not sure if you try to put your little boy down with the door closed but it may be worth a shot.

I can sympathise with the frustration, we also have a 7 moth old and more often than not we have the 2 year old down and the other one wakes up smile

Amanda, ACT, 24 & 7mths girls

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