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My 15month little boy still wakes up 1 or 2 times a night and I cannot settle him without giving him a bottle. I have tried leaving him and letting him cry but he actually ends up squealing like a little pig and waking up the whole house, therefore waking up our 4 year old and it's driving us crazy. I have tried feeding him a yoghurt a little before going to bed, I thought he might be hungry, but yoghurt or no yoghurt he still wakes up. He has never slept through the night and sometimes we have trouble getting him to settle to sleep. PLEASE HELP!

Kelly, NSW, 15mth old

Hi Kelann
yeah i know the feeling you are not alone . I have three children 12 10 and 11 mths my older kids were great sleepers put them to bed and you seen them the next morning ...but my 11mth old he still has a bottle during the night because at 1am he wakes and gets in bed with my husband and i and 9 times out of ten he wants a bottle to go back to sleep .I did the same as you and tried giving more food during the day but that dont work i know lol.
Maybe you could try and give him water instead of milk?(didnt work for me but you never know) i keep saying hes our last and it wont be like this for ever . (I HOPE!!!!)

Nicole central coast nsw baby ben 11 mths old

My 18mth old was waking for a night time bottle aswell up to about 15 mths old...and usually at the same time most nights. I started to think she was waking out of habit, instead of actually wanting a bottle - the old body clock telling her it was "time for a bottle" kinda thing. She was also going down for naps and at nighttime with a bottle. I decided to bite the bullet and take away all bottles except her 1st one of a morning. (Doctors recommend no bottles after 12 mths anyway). It took 2-3 days of controlled crying to go to sleep, but she soon learned she wasnt going to get a bottle, so she might as well go to sleep! After more going to bed with a bottle, and no more waking during the night for one. She is put to bed now with a juice or water in a cup (which she probably only has a few sips of) and a book. She will read quietly for 5 mins or so before laying down and going to sleep - no fuss! Good luck.

Sophie and Daniel's Mum - Tassie

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