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What am I doing wrong?

Our 2yr old is waking anywhere from 3.30-5.30am ready for the day, he's been doing this for about 6 months now. His bedtime is between 7-8pm and he naps usually for 1-3hours a day. He's not too hot or cold, nappy isn't full, he has a good dinner before bed and has no problems falling asleep and staying asleep; but if he stirs and opens his eyes in the early morning, bam; he's up and crying immediately.
If we don't all wake up when he does he will persistently wander around the house banging doors/hitting walls or screaming until we do.
We've tried making bedtime earlier, making bedtime later, making naps earlier and naps shorter.
He shares a room with his older brother so when he wakes screaming (he never wakes up happy) we go to him and bring him to our bed, or if it's close to 6am we will get up.
He will very rarely go back to sleep in our bed with cuddles. It's really starting to upset both me and my husband the amount he screams and cries when we try to do all we can to make him happy.
Even if we get up when he does and make breakfast; he'll sit there and scream for 15-30mins and we have no idea why he does this; we'll offer him his favourite breakfast, a yoghurt, cuddles or even his favourite movie and he will still just cry and cry and cry. He cries more now than he ever did as a newborn!
We've considered and treated the suspicion he may have had worms, and that his legs may be falling asleep. Neither seem to be the answer.
He will also do this after a daytime nap; cries and screams, throws himself around and doesn't want anyone to touch or cuddle him, but cries even louder if we put him down. I'm at a loss; I've started just leaving him to cry and I'll go do something else, or if he doesn't stop, I'll put him back in the cot.
It's eating me up badly; that all he does is sook and cry; even when he's happy playing, it takes the most minor of things to turn into a meltdown.

I know I probably just sound like I'm whinging over a child that many would see as 'normal'
But I can't help but feel that a majority of his behaviour is simply because he is overtired.
Does anyone have any experience or advice?

I'm about ready to try a sleep consultant; but he has no problems going to bed (he's happy about going to bed and naptime) it's the early waking and the misery once he wakes up.
I also want to look into seeing a chiropractor for him to see if that could help? Anyone have any experience there?

Please no judgement; I'm simply a mumma at her wits end with how I can help make my child happy again!

This is really tough! Sounds like you're trying everything to help your little guy! We bought a gro clock. Or son was younger but had similar waking up behaviour. So frustrating because he's was behaving like we felt!!! You have to be tough and consistent but it really worked. Now he stays in bed until he sees the sun. Some mornings aren't great. Like this morning he sang mummy mummy mummy for 10 minutes while he was waiting!! Better that than screaming tho right! I also highly rate sleep consultants. Try the clock first and good luck!!!
Certainly tough. Have you ruled out any health issues? My son suffered from middle ear issues then night terrors then diagnosed with restless leg syndrome he also had mild sleep apnoea. It sounds like he's genuinely distressed. I really hope you get to the bottom of the problem.
Thanks for your replies! It certainly is tough! I keep telling myself 'it's just a phase' but for it to continue this long now it's making me think it isn't.
I've spoken to our child health nurse about it, and that's when she suggested earlier bedtime, stir him and offer him some milk before we go to bed (incase he's waking cos he's hungry) other than that she said maybe we just have a child that doesn't need as much sleep? Ha.
But I haven't seen a normal doctor to rule out anything else.
He has had an ear infection in the last 6 months, but is a middle ear infection different?
The restless leg syndrome is something I would definitely like to speak to the dr about! As it's exactly what he seems like he's doing after his daytime nap, kicking and hitting on his legs as if he's feeling really uncomfortable; but he doesn't kick the legs of a morning.... Hmm.

Ah a gro clock is a great idea; thankyou. I think he's probably just old enough to understand the concept.
Thanks again; I too hope things get better!

I don't know if it was just that he didn't need a lot of sleep why is he so distressed.

Ear infections really hurt! Both my kids had recurrent ear infections/middle ear issues, then I had an ear infection a couple of years ago and burst my ear drum - before it burst I just about went crazy!

It could be any number of things but I would rule out a health issue first. Try to find a good GP that's willing to investigate. If a health issue is ruled out then may be a sleep consultant could help with setting the routine? It may be an idea to keep a diary to document sleep times and may be even food to see whether that is impacting on your little man. You may then see a pattern.

You're doing an amazing job and you wouldn't be on this forum if you didn't care and be concerned for your child.

I'd be interested to hear how you get on.

Take care
Nicole x
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