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2yr old wakes at 5am no matter what I try! Help! Lock Rss

Our 2yr old is a persistent early bird. He shares a room with his older brother (3.5yrs) who is also being woken at 5am or sometimes earlier.

His bedtime is anywhere from 7pm-8.30pm; he also has a nap during the day just before or after lunch anywhere from 1-3hrs long.
I understand that if he's napping for 3hrs during the day he's obviously had enough sleep and hence the early waking, but if I wake him from a day time nap he is just miserable until bedtime.

He's not waking because he is cold, we have the room at a comfortable 23-24 degrees with winter PJ's on and a cot blanket. (He still sleeps in his cot happily)
There are no loud noises or disturbance in the house to stir him, I just don't understand why he is wanting to get up this early.
We go camping frequently and this is a big problem when we go away, as there isn't much to do inside a tent with no power at 5am.

Open to suggestions! Thanks!

No suggestions - it is just normal toddler behaviour and really you just have to go with it and know that it won't last forever. All my children woke between 4-5 am at that age - it wasn't quite so bad in the winter, but summer in Qld when the sun is up at 4.30 it meant we were up and that was that! I had a little nap in the afternoon with them if I could. I got used to it and came enjoy the early mornings eventually.
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