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  5. 13m old nap routine colliding with primary school aged child?? :/

13m old nap routine colliding with primary school aged child?? :/ Lock Rss

My 13m old has two x 2hr naps a day. Its worked in fine last yr as hed waik in time for my daughters 4pm bus.
And school holz no worries .... But were moving & closer to town so il b dropping n picking up my daughter......

My sons naps are 9-11 am & 2-4pm
any advice to his nap routine how to possibly change it around i dnt want to drop his arvo nap he still needs it n so do i lol

I think changing it to 3-5pm is too late bcoz his bed time is between 7-7:45 pm
good advice from mel+2.Sometimes kids just have to fit in with us , best of luck finding good routine

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

You could always wake bubs after a one hour sleep in the morning (9-10am) because it's shorter he might need to go down for the second nap closer to 1230 then wake him to go in the car... could mean he'll be ready for bed closer to 7pm too and you get your evenings back smile
Dd2 was 15 months when dd1 started school last year and thankfully she was only having one day sleep, I made sure I put her down by 12-12:30 at the latest and if she was still sleeping at 2:25pm I had to wake her up (dd1 finished at 2:30 and it's a 3min walk away). The days I woke her usually meant she was a little crankier in the evening but you just deal with it.

This year I will have a newborn come end march and dd2 has been going down a little later lately so it will be interesting to see how we pan out, but as the other girls have said, they will just have to work around it cos I can't not go and pick dd1 up!
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