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How old was your child when they cut out their day nap? Lock Rss


My 2.5 year old is going through a period of not sleeping at all during the day. She goes to bed at 7.30pm at night and wakes between 7-7.30am in the morning so is getting a decent amount of sleep. She seems ok without the sleep, not grumpy or hard to manage so I am wondering if maybe she doesn't need it anymore. I really like having that break during the day but if she doesn't need it I won't make her have one.

I would love to hear how old your child was when they stopped having naps in the day. I am not sure if it is too early and I should be pushing the issue with her.


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My son is only 23 months and he seems to be going through a similar thing, although he is getting grumpy by about 4 pm. If I try and push him to have a sleep he screams the house down and we both end up even crankier than if he doesn't sleep!

Is Ashlee still in a cot or has she made the move to a big bed? I'm wondering if that will help with my son. any suggestions?


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My DD was 2 1/2 when she wanted to stop. She's just over 3 now and she doesn't sleep every day but some days she does. I always make it "rest time" after lunch. This means no running around or playing. She lies or sits on her Barbie lounge and I'll put one of her movies on and she knows to sit quiet and watch. Sometimes this is enough to get them to drift off to sleep otherwise I find the sitting still just helps to stop them from falling asleep at the dinner table.
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