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Sleepless nights!!! Lock Rss

My 21 month old daughter wakes through the night crying out for "mummy" and it usually ends in us putting her into our bed so we can all sleep - a big no-no, I know! If i don't pick her up straight away she screams hysterically, last night we tried controlled crying and this lasted for 1 and a half hours in the middle of the night, but she did go to sleep eventually on her own. Putting her to bed at night also is a crying match but usually only lasts 20 minutes max. I have just extended her bedtime till 7.30pm now and she has one day sleep which is normally about and hour and a half long. Does anyone else have this problem? She is also very reliant on her dummy and we're considering moving her to a big bed. So many things to deal with!! Can anyone advise me how to go about fixing the sleep problem, the dummy problem and the big bed decision? Should I go cold turkey with dummy and do controlled crying to begin with? I would desparately love for her to enjoy sleeping peacefully every night. I would love to hear from mums who are going through similiar times.

Nicole NT

Hi there
I don't have this problem but I do have a problem with my 18mth old thinking anywere from 3am onwards is wake up time. He will call out "Mummy, Daddy" until we get him out of bed at 5.30am. So I do now what its like when you will do anything to get some much needed sleep.
It sound like your on the right track with what you are doing now (controled crying). At the moment she knows that if she crys out she will get to go in bed with you so it will take a few nights before she relises it no longer works.
Personly I wouldn't take the dummy off her or move her into a bed until she is sleeping better at night. One change at a time is all she will be able to handle.
Try not to worry about the dummy my DD used her dummy to sleep with until she was 2 1/2 and my DS still uses it to sleep at 18mths. They all do eventually give it up, even if you need to bribe them with chocolate.

Good luck
I hope your little girl starts sleeping better soon
Hi my DD went into a "dad made bed" at the age of about 18mths, she was constantly knocking her head on her cot and waking herself up so dad made a low bed, it's low to the ground so that she can't fit under neath it and if she falls out she wont hurt herself, all up it's about a mattress and a half high ( with mattress) As for the dummy, she was constantly chewing the tets and I had enough so I told her that she broke it and she had to throw it in the rubbish bin as mummy didn't have any more (well that's what she thought) She threw it away herself and when she asked for it the following night I told her that she threw it away, do you remember?? and she did and never asked for it again. I just have to get her off the bottles now!!! Maddi loved being in a big bed, we told her that she was getting to be a big girl now and the cot had to be put aside for other little babies. She used to run to it as soon as the word BED was mentioned. They love it! Just got to concer the waking int he middle of the night and getting rid of her bottles, one leads to the other.. good luck. i am wanting to try the controlled crying thing but am a bit scared as my DD makes herself throw up when left crying...
Hi there,
You are not alone in this- my girl is 15mths old and we are going through the same- I would get home from work at night and she would be awake crying starting at 9.30pm and generally I will try so many different settling techniques and I usually dont get to sleep untill 4.30- 5am in the morning- it does cause alot of frustration and sleep deprivation, I wish I could give you some ideas but I think my sleepless nights are due to her molars coming through- it must be so painfull!!!
Keep persevering with her though, shes probably just testing the boundaries with you to see how many times she gets her way, I have been told that by my local midwifes-
let me know how you go- and I hope that you get a well deserved sleep soon!!!
Good Luck!!

Cassie, NSW, 15mth baby girl

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