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What age from cot to bed? Lock Rss

My 15 month old son has just been weaned off the dummy this weekend (yayyyy!!!!!), he only had it for sleep but now its gone and he is sleeping fine. Now I am wondering what age to go to a big boy bed. We have a racing car bed already for him but its in the garage as I'm not quite sure when to make the switch, and how to get him to sleep in it?

Donna- Mum to Joshua Darren 5/1/05

Wow! You are doing really well. I am only now thinking about putting my 26 month old into a bed and also thinking about ways to get rid of his dummy.

My concern is that my son still sleeps all over the place in his cot and am worried he will fall out but I guess he has to start some time.

Bec, DS Jan 04, DS June 07

Hi my DD went into a "dad made bed" at the age of about 18mths, she was constantly knocking her head and waking herself up so dad made a short bed, it's low to the ground so that she can't fit under neath it and if she falls out she wont hurt herself, all up it's about a mattress and a half high ( with mattress) As for the dummy, she was constantly chewing the tets and I had enough so I told her that she broke it and she had to throw it in the rubbish bin as mummy didn't have any more ( well that's what she thought) She threw it away herslf and when she asked for it the following night I told her that she threw it away, do you remember and she did and never asked for it again. I just ahve to get her off the bottles now!!! Maddi loved being in a big bed, we told her that she was getting to be a big girl now and the cot had to be put aside for other little babies. She used to run to it as soon as the word BED was mentioned. They love it!
I have always had a single bed set up in my son's room in case I had to spend the night in there with him, as my husband starts work at 6am.
Thankfully, my son has always been a good sleeper and the other night he got his bottle and blanky and said 'ni night' and walked into his room. Hubby and I were shocked to see him lying on his single bed. However, we are now having trouble keeping him in there. We have another son due in Sept and have been putting him in the big bed but he keeps getting out and playing.

My dilemma is how to keep him from getting out of bed? We have bought a bed rail to stop him falling out. I have tried putting his bottle and bunny in the bed and if he gets out I take the bottle off him and put it back in bed and then other times I just put him in his cot and when he is asleep I transfer him to his bed - it is nice to hear the pitter patter of little feet in the morning and have him climb into our bed for a cuddle.

Bec, Gold Coast

I got rid of the dummy at 10mths and was sooo happy to get rid of it too!!! I put our daughter into a toddler bed at the start of 14mths. She has slept far better in that than she ever did in her cot. At about 15mths she decided she was going to test us during day sleeps and get up, it only took a few times of putting her back and she realised that she had to go to bed. She is 18mths now and when she wakes up she just gets out of bed and comes and sees us, it really nice when they do that!!!
The key when they get up is like what super nanny says, tell them to get back into bed the first time and then every other time not say anything, I used to point to the bed with a serious look on my face and not say a word and she would climb back in there and go to sleep.
Hi Joshy's mummy,
I can't help you with what is the right age but I do know that my DD was one of those bub's who travelled around all over the cot and I worried about her falling out of her bed.

She went in to her bed at 20 months and she is now 28 months and has only fallen out twice!!!
It's amazing how they adjust.

I'd say given that you have got one of those low beds with sides on it you will have no worries for whenever you are ready.

My personal opinion is 15 months seems a little young , but completely personal opinion!!! I think given your amazing success with the dummy (and your cold turkey technique), you obviously know your son and what he can cope with.
I've had to resort to cutting the dummy so it's lost it's appeal. It has worked a treat but it has taken time (it was what I knew she could cope with!).


ive just put my 14month old son into a bed he loves it.. he has to naps during the day and goes straight to sleep in it at night... hes still got the dummy though would like to take it off him how did you do it?
Good on you about the dummy, With my daughter we have cut the time that she has the dummuy, only giving it to her when she is crying or going to bed. It also seems she spits the dummy when she is asleep. Hope we'll be able to take it away completey soon. Sorry can't help about the bed, bub is still sleeping all over the place.
well i think your very lucky and he went that well from dummie to no dummie i cant see him having a problem from cot to big bed both my sons were in a big bed not long after there first bday and they went fine.
good luck i hope it all gose well for you

qld mother of 4yr zac 2yr landon and baby noah

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