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How do I get my 21mth old off her bed time bottles? Lock Rss

I'm going crazy trying to wean my 21mth daughter off her bottle. She was really sick up to 15mths with reflux and ear infections, so the drs told me that to wean her off bottles would only stress her out more. But this has just left her very attatched to her bottles. I have her on a tommee tippee sipper cup that has a lid and 2 different teats, 1 a bottle teat and 1 a sipper cup teat. Every time I put the sipper cup teat on, she tells me that it's broken and refuses to drink from it. There's so much pressure from people to get our kids off bottles and until now I haven't been too worried about it, but she will soon be 2 and will look too old to be drinking from a bottle in public. She will drink from a cup unless she's tired and needs a sleep and I'm sure I've tried about 2million things to stop it!! Any more ideas out there? I'm willing to give anything a go!

Caree & Xanthi, 2 1/2 already!

Hi Caree,
Don't have a nervous breakdown my 3 yr old has only just given up his bottles as he wouldn't even drink milk from a cup.
I told him he was a big boy and his cousin needed his bottles as she is only a little baby. He carried on and on and we had lots of screaming matches. I gave him the same cup with a lid as his older brother and he still wasn't too happy but I told him it was a cup or nothing at all.
Then bugger be dead he laid down on the lounge this day and drank it, I jumped and clapped my hands and he was so pleased with himself. As your little one is only coming 2 it's going to be a little tricky to try and persuade her to do this differently.
I wouldn't stress too much and don't let other people tell you that she is too old as that is crap. Do what you think is best for her and maybe wait till she is a bit older to fully understand why you are taking it away from her.
Good luck with your decision

My 2.5 DD still has a bottle, wont go to bed without it, its just water and she whinges about it during the day and i often give in.

She has a cup sometimes, ive tried so many cups, bribery, special treats all the usual but she is not giving in!

Its a battle among many that ive chosen to loose at the moment cause i havent got the willpower yet!!!

Dont stress, if youre ready and committed im sure you can just go cold turkey (i am not that brave!) but i really dont care what people think if she has a bottle in public, my DS is sitting next to her with a dummy hanging out of his mouth so they can take their pick haha.
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